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									The bread is one food in all types of fuel.
  It can be called baguettes, Obwarzanek, Matzah, Kn?ckebr?d or with other thousand
names that vary according to region of the world where it is produced, but for
example in Italy the names vary from country to country, it is undoubtedly the food
more widespread and in many cases core of the diet of many populations. Bread is
one of the simplest on the market is derived from fermentation and subsequent baking
of a dough made from cereal flour and water. The very fact that it can be made with
flour of various types of cereals has been such that this food to conform throughout
history in different guises and names, packaged in different types, enriched with
regional elements with more or less rising and accompanied by other dishes which
usually makes a side dish. The substance does not change, however, the bread remains
a certainty in almost all cultures and culinary traditions and foods. Its function in the
Western world food is so important that the same word bread can sometimes be used
generically to describe the food in general terms. Its production, fermentation and
cooking in general terms are called "bakery".

  The bakery is a very delicate process that has always been done by hand. In recent
years, however, to promote the industrial scale production of bread there have been
many innovations in this field of gastronomy has always been considered the most
rustic and traditional. But one should not think that these innovations have affected
the quality of the product rather have only facilitated the production while
maintaining taste and fragrance. The introduction of flour dough within plants, have
allowed that to happen in an industrial production. In addition to these useful
technologies for the production of bread, another innovation was made by machines
that allow bakeries bake multiple loaves of bread baking in allowing faster and more
practical even for professionals.

 The bread, however, can also be produced at home, the elderly are in many cases
owners of this knowledge but has also suffered in the case of domestic production of
innovations that can produce it in a home to enjoy the fragrant homemade bread all
day. Small mixers that allow even more lazy housewives to offer delicious loaves of
bread in all its variations. Can in fact produce many types of bread in some cases can
replace real food with the addition of ham, cheese, legumes, cereals, dried vegetables.

 The bread is a fact that more food is offered to the imagination and through its
various forms and types, whether seasoned or stuffed, or being used as an
accompaniment to a dish of meat or vegetables. So the bread is truly an irreplaceable
food in the table is of major events both in everyday to do is indulge! Enjoy!
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