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Brasstown Bald - Georgia Pictures

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					Brasstown Bald may just well turn out to be my new getaway spot.
  I have figured something out that I'm not too sure that other frequent visitors have
figured out that frequent this historical Georgia attraction. Brasstown bald is not just a
short two-hour attraction to see once or twice, then say been there done that.
  Brasstown Bald is an excellent place to go and spend a full day. It's also a perfect
place to go even several times a month as I do.
  First lets look at the basic tourist quick in and out appeal of Brasstown bald. For
starters, you have at the top where the observation deck is located which gives visitors
a grand three hundred and sixty degree view from almost four thousand eight hundred
foot up of the North Ga. Mountains. On the observation deck there are also stand
mounted binoculars allowing visitors to get great views. This is a perfect location for
photography, but not just once, smart photographers and videographers will know to
return frequently to take advantage of the different views created by the changing
  Also at the observation deck is a fairly large museum, which offers visitors
exceptional, exhibits teaching about the history of the North Georgia Mountains, as
well as the history of its people. There are also exhibits teaching a bit about the
geology and current conservation efforts being applied to preserve the great North
Georgia Mountains. In the museum, there are two really unique and very lifelike
robotic characters one that teaches about the history of the forest, and one of a modern
day ranger teaching about conservation.
  Just adjacent to the museum is a small yet comfortable air condition theatre, which
shows a short documentary all about the changing of the seasons, and how it affects
the plant and wildlife in the North Ga. Mountains.
  Down at the parking area, there are a handful of picnic tables with grills giving
visitors one perfect cool mountain spot for a family cookout with one of the best
views available in the State of Georgia. There is also a small gift shop adjacent to the
parking area.
  Upon parking, you have two choices to get up to the top of Brasstown Bald where
the observation deck is. One option is to pay a three-dollar fee for a round trip up, or
hike a six-tenths mile very steep trail to the top. Take the trail option, it's nowhere as
bad as it seems, it's only about a half hour hike, it's well shaded and cool, and we all
could use the exercise, and it saves you three bucks.
  So as you can see there is plenty of things at this attraction to keep you busy for at
least a few hours, but what I continue to see from visitors is that Brasstown Bald
beyond being a great spot to hike, cookout, picnic, and take pictures, it's just a great
place to go sit and relax for a day in one of the country style white rocking chairs
available atop the observation deck and catch up on your reading.
  So if you visit Brasstown Bald, slow down, take it all in slowly, don't just rush in and
rush out. Bring a book, magazine, or Sunday paper, pull up a chair, and stay a while.
With this being such a high elevation, even on hot summer days in Ga., the
temperature there rarely rises above the low eighties, which make this a perfect spot
to just sit, relax, and take in the perfect views, and the cool mountain breeze.
  I have been making it a point to visit and spend a full day at this attraction at least
once per month just to have a picnic, hike, and spend the day up on the observation
deck just reading and writing, which is actually where I'm at as I'm writing this article.
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 Brasstown Bald