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									    A Quick And Easy Way To Make Money
  Harnessing The Power Of Google Products And
                                     Sabastian G James

                         CEO Sabaplus Publishing Reg No. 122164

(1) Introduction
(2) Legal Notice
(3) Why listening to me.
(4) How to harness Google adsense for profit
(5) How to harness Google Adword for profit


There are many ways to make money using the internet. In fact I will never argue with
you if you claim to have known more that 20 ways already. Mind you, sabastian G James
is not in support to those many ways but just a few, you know why? It is because 98% of
them are just scams.

 Call it hyip or whatever, I hate many of them, they waste your time, money yet nothing
to show for at the end of the day.

 If you really want to make money online, learn to follow a proven model, in fact built
real businesses, stop chasing money here and there.

 There are just three major ways of making money online, and that is what I will be
telling you in this report, sell products or services online, sell ads spaces. In a nutshell, to
make money online, real money for that matter you must have something to sell.

So if you are not in love with the word “sell”, I want you to start falling in love with that
word now. In fact do that now before you enter the next page.
Legal Notice

You have a full distribution right to this product from today. You can sell it, give it out
free to your list of subscribers, share it on face book free etc, but never alter the original
content of this report.
Why listening to me?

Warning: If you don’t listen to me, you will fail miserably. I am not in this business to
make money for myself or my company, mind you, I am already rich. Come rain, come
sun, sabastian G James and his household will never be broke. You know why? Because
the key is right in my hand.

 That is the same key I want to handover to you. It does not matter whether you are a
politician, Lawyer, Doctor, or an Architect, you have to listen to me because I am a
voice, authority, call it prof as far as the subject of online business is concerned.

You don’t succeed in any pursuit without a mentor, I am here to mentor you, coach you
and user you to success in this business. Many have succeeded through my one on one
coaching, products and services.

Here are just a few of them:

That is me and flagging off an adsense check.
Here is a check sent recently to Mr.Toyin and below is his testimony word by word.

“"I am happy to inform you that

for the first time in 2 years of

internet business, I received my

Google Adsense cheque of $294.13

yesterday Wednesday, 2nd January,

2011 due to the traffic you sent

to my Google Adsense account

(Scanned copy of the cheque is attached).

Looking forward to doing more

business with tested and

trusted gurus like you.


   Toyin Isiaka Jimoh, Ilorin."
And above is another adsense check and many others which I can not afford to list here.
warning: I am not showing you all these to brag, I just want you to know that if you have
ever thought of making money over the net come 2011 and beyond, you have to stick
with sabastian G James and all his products plus including his services offered by his
company. Just make him your mentor and you will never look back again.

How to harness Google adsense for profit

Do you know that you could use google adsense to make a full time income for yourself?
Imagine a banker leaving his house by 6am to return by 6pm just for a mere N50,000.

Do you know that google adsense a lone can make you more than N450k a month? Or
you don’t believe me? Ok let me explain, I have my personal adsense account which I
will never share with anyone because exposing my adsense details to my client had
caused me to loose a whooping $5000, that is about 800k.

Now all my adsense details, websites, domains, etc are kept secret, I will never put them
on my forum, I never promote them on facebook, yet it is making me lot and lot of
money every day.

Imagine if my personal account is bringing me like €1200 a month i.e about N240k a
month, and my business account is bringing me €1500, i.e about 300k a month, how
much is that in a month? N540,000 right?

Now tell me why I will ever go broke again, this is outside my information products
business which I will also talk about in this report.
My dear wake up. Google adsense is real, it has made lot of people millions, you can be
the next adsense millionaire.

4.1 Quick adsene rules to master if you must succeed in this business.

Rule no one:

Don’t ask friends to click on your adsense sites or domain. You know why? It is because
all the click will be coming from one IP, and once google know this, you will be ban and
you will not get paid.

Rule no two:

Don’t share your adsense details such as site, domain, email with your enemies, this is
because many of them will want to wicked you by going to click on your ads from one ip
repeatedly. And once google track it, they will not even care to know if you are the one
committing the crime or not, they will just ban you, so be warned.

Rule no three:

Before you use your blog or sites to apply for adsense program, ensure it comes with
good and fresh contents, else google will turn down your application.

Rule no four:

Never worry about opening a Dorm Account before joining an adsense program, go
ahead join it and when you receive your check you can now take it to the bank, the bank
will open a dorm account and pay in the check for you so you can begin to enjoy your

Rule no five

Never use a complicated address for your adsense program, use a valid address or p.o
box. This will enable you to receive your verification pin in time or check without delay.
 Will You Like Me To Help You So You
 Too Can Begin To Make Money From
       Google Adsense Program?
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How to harness Google Adword for profit

Do you know that majority of people do not know how to make money from google
adwords. This is funny, my dear if you think google adsense is the only avenue to make
money from google, you have got to think again.

Do you know that google adwords can make you millions of naira annually? Or you
don’t believe me? Ok read on and you will be shock by what I am about to reveal to you.

Just do me a favor now, hurry now to and search for how to make money,in
fact just leave money aside, just go there and search for anything you can think of.

Did you see adds on your right hand side called sponsored link?

It look just like the one below:

Now the first three links on your left above with the word “Ads” by the site are the
sponsored link. Don’t worry I will help you. It means that for the ads to show there some
money must have been paid to google.

The one you see on your right above, are sponsored links all through. Now let me ask
you a question, will you want to throw your money away or dash your hard earn money
to google for free? I mean google that is worth several billions of Dollars?

I know you and I will never want to make such mistakes, but mind you many are still
making this same mistake every day, that is why google will never be broke, they will
never get tired of making money.

Don’t forget the main aim is to guide you so you too can begin to use google to earn lot
and lot of money for yourself.
Saba what the heck is google adwords?

 Google adwords is a program where you pay google a few cent or dollar per click so that
they can put your products or services on the faces of millions of those in need of the
kind of services or products you offer on the internet.

There is no successful business man today whose business is on the internet who have not
benefited from google adwords program, even in the advent of social media like
facebook, google adword is still the king.

If you don’t know this I am sorry your business is at the mercy of free advert and it may
disappoint you anytime leaving your business or company in trouble.

You need to learn this secret, I mean the secret to using google adwords. It is priceless,
and no matter what or how long I will preach this, you will never grab it, it is a full

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It brought in $892.21 in ad sense income
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  The price is $47, that is about N7050.

Guess what? The next 20 people to order
between now and 10th Feb 2011, will have
           it for just N5,000.

           How To Order
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   P.S You are getting the download
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 send me your payment details in time.

              All The Best
           Sabastian G James
CEO Sabaplus Publishing

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