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									Creating Bible lessons for teens can be a difficult task if you do not plan properly and
have a specific goal in mind for your lessons. When building Bible lessons for teens
keep in mind that teens have short attention spans and can be distracted fairly easily.
With this in mind it is important to use interesting and exciting topics to cover in your
Bible lessons for teens. One of the most important things to remember about Bible
lessons for teens is that this may be the first time they are hearing certain Scripture or
stories from the Bible. If this is the first time that a teenager is hearing a certain story
or Scripture, one of the best ways to make sure that the material makes a connection
with the student is to connect it to their lives. By relating stories from the Bible to
your students 鈥?lives you bring your students into the stories and into the lessons of
the Bible. Another important point to remember when building Bible lessons for teens
is that for most of the day teams are being talked to or talk at. During their school day
most teens are in a standard high school classroom, and in most cases the classes are
very engaging. After school they may be part of a sports team or another
extracurricular activity way they are being ordered around by a coach. Instead of
delivering your message by talking to the teens, use the time with them as an
opportunity to engage them and have a dialogue with them. By doing this and
engaging your students, you will see that their attention will rise and they will be
more eager to participate in discussion about the Bible lessons and the topics that you
bring up for your youth ministry. Another important point to remember when creating
Bible lessons for teens is the fact that no matter how interesting or engaging your
class is, teens can get worn out with information overload. So for each lesson that you
present to your students, have a clear defined goal, and a clear defined topic. By
having a focus for each Bible lesson that you present to your students you will be able
to stay on track more easily and present an interesting and educational Bible lesson
for your youth ministry. When creating Bible lessons for teens they can be very
difficult and time-consuming which takes away from the most important part of being
a youth leader, which is building the relationships with your students to help them
during this strange and difficult part of their life. All teens have struggles, and
sometimes a youth minister or youth leader can make a huge difference and a positive
impact in the lives of those teens. Instead of being dragged down by preparing Bible
lessons for teens, leave the preparation and research to us and you worry about
making a connection and being there as a leader for your youth ministry. I encourage
you to look around this website at what we have to offer you as a youth leader, and if
you like what you see I encourage you to join the inner circle membership which
offers many benefits to those in Christian youth work.
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