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					I think that Hard Candy Bubble iPad Sleeve Case is the best shock absorbing case for
iPad in the market. This is achieved by special rubber bumpers inside the case and
EVA-foam material of outside. So, this case is even better than neoprene iPad cases,
so the price is naturally higher. You can use iPad in place after opening the case
because the rubber bumpers will keep it nicely. The only minor thing that there is no
extra pocket for accessories. So, if the maximum protection has the highest priority
for iPad, buy Hard Candy iPad Bubble sleeve case.
  Belkin is also a well known case manufacturer for hi-tech gadgets. Belkin F8N277tt
case for iPad is another alternative sleeve. What makes it unique that the case is
flexible to expand when you put iPad chargers or other accessories in front as well.
Material is neoprene, so it is a protective one. If you want light, compact sleeve iPad
case, you can consider this one to buy as well.
  There’s a lot of iPad cases like iPad Silicone Case available on the market today and
it’s kinda hard to make a decision. So, before buying anything and not regret
afterwards, you gotta know what you are up to with your iPad; is it just another home
gadget or a business toy? Either way, one is for sure: you’ll always use it for typing
emails and reading which means you should look for multi-angle stand view feature.
Everything else literally depends on how much money you plan to invest.
  Here are other iPad sleeve cases from China manufacturer at Topons: Yoobao
Leather Folio Case is the best
  Is it really the best iPad case on the market? Not exactly, but definitive one of best
coming from Chinese manufacturer and winning good reviews. First of all, there are
several quite similar folio cases from the same manufacturer; AYL, Yoobao and
Yaubau. No big difference in design and construction, so I guess it’s up to you choose
a model.
  Yoobao is made of real pigskin and has nice, lined up stitches all around the caase.
The front cover is supposed to be folded back and secured on a catch-flap which
allows the folio case to be stood up. It allows you to position your device in a viewing
stand, either horizontally or vertically, or to be laid back for typing. Some version of
Yoobao folio case (probably newer versions because our own does not) have an
addition secure flap that secures device inside its framing. The snug fit keeps iPad
held in place away from the edges which is great, otherwise the right corners may
become unprotected.
  The leather feels nice in hand while the inside is smooth and affords good protection
while closed. However, the main issue is the bezel around the screen. It appears to be
thick and so close to the edge that it makes typing in portrait mode difficult. On top of
that it’s tough to drag icons between screens because it comes right to the edge of the
screen. Overall, Yoobao seems to be durable, appealing and affordable iPad case.
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