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					Apple Inc. is developing a digital newsstand for publishers that would let them sell
magazines and newspapers to consumers for use on Apple devices, said two people
familiar with the matter. The newsstand, designed particularly for the iPad, would be
similar to Apple’s iBook store for electronic books, said the people, who declined to
be identified because the negotiations are private. The newsstand would be separate
from Apple’s App Store, where people can buy some publications now, they said.
Apple’s effort is aimed at luring more consumers to the iPad and helping publishers
sell subscriptions, rather than single issues. The main hang-ups between Apple and
publishers including Time Warner Inc., Conde Nast, Hearst Corp. and News Corp. are
who controls data about users and how to split subscription revenue, the people said.
The new storefront could be up and running within a couple of months, although the
talks are ongoing and could fall apart. Apple may wait to unveil the initiative until
they are ready to announce the next iPad, possibly in early 2011, one person said. The
Apple iPad is a pretty product, but it’s regrettable in some rather in extra storage space.
In order to make up this drawback, we can import our files from ipad to computer
with the latest software- ipad to computer.
  ipad to computerTransfer is the ideal solution for iPad user to copy and transfer files
from iPad and other portable devices such as iPod, iPhone to computer without iTunes,
backup files on your hard disk easily. A utility to transfer movie, videos, photo, music
from iPad to PC. The following details can make you have a better understanding of
this software, if time possible, I recommend you have a close look at it, I bet you will
have good a knowledge of choosing ipad to computer. Transfer and backup
iPad/iPod/iPhone files to computer hard disk iPad to Computer Transfer can transfer
iPad photo, videos, songs, Voice Memo, Camera Roll etc. to computer hard disk easily.
Backup media files to iTunes with ease iPad to Computer Transfer can also help you
backup media files lke music, movies, playlist, etc from iPad to computer. Manage
iPad/iPhone/iTouch/iPod on any computer iPad to Computer Transfer allows you to
manage your iPad device on any computer and transfer files from
iPad/iPhone/iTouch/iPod to any folder on computer. Keep your iPad, iPod, iTouch,
iPhone safe By backuping iPad back to computer and iTunes to keep iPad, iPod,
iTouch, iPhone safe. High Speed Unlike many other transfer programs, iPad to
Computer Transfer has very fast speed to run the software and did not cause any
syncing problems. Once connect the iPad, it will automatically scan and sync your
device. No matter how many files on iPad, it transfers fast and smoothly. Easy to Use
iPad to Computer Transfer lets you copy individuals items or all of the iPad's contents
to either iTunes or a computer, as a backup. Just one click or two, the export will be
completed very quickly. We rarely had to refer to the help section. We tried every
feature; easily navigated through the program, and you will too. Help Support iPad to
Computer Transfer has an inter–program help document for quick reference, a Getting
Started Guide, register and upgrade support etc. System Stability I have tried some
other programs before, except the low speed to run software, some times they will
encounter crash and some even do not work anymore. iPad to Computer Transfer is
the only one that avoids this failing.

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