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									When you decide to upgrade your phone or switch to a new mobile phone carrier
there are a few things that you will want to understand about GSM networks and SIM
cards. Before, mobile phones were luxuries and not needs. Nowadays, almost
everyone has a mobile phone and people use them to stay in touch with family
members and close friends as well as to be available for different types of business
deals or even conferences. This makes choosing a suitable GSM phone a task that can
be quite challenging, either in the US, the UK or internationally. When you are
purchasing a GSM mobile phone or an unlocked phone, make sure that you know the
technology that the phone runs on. The two basic types of mobile phone technology
are CDMA networks and GSM networks. Aside from this, you should also look into
the different benefits that various phone providers have. Many of the most important
benefits include international roaming, reloadable minutes, mobile phone warranties
and replaceable equipment.
  GSM networks stand for Global System for Mobile Communications, which is a
standard that is utilized by many of the major GSM phone companies. One of the
most important features included with GSM mobile phones is the ability to utilize a
Subscriber Identity Module (SIM cards). This technology allows you to remove all
the data that your phone stores in one convenient chip. In this way, if you haven't
unlocked the phone, you will be prevented from using different mobile phone
providers. This means that you cannot take all of your valuable data with you
wherever you go. This convenience of quickly being able to use another unlocked
GSM phone is one of the main benefits of these types of phones and networks. Some
of the other benefits of unlocked GSM phones are:
  International Roaming
  International roaming comes into play when a mobile phone subscriber travels to an
international country and is able to have arrangements with various operators that are
not available in their home country. This gives business people the ability to
seamlessly continue the communications that they kept in their home country.
  This feature basically refers to the ability of a phone to have a removable SIM card.
Removable SIM cards allow users to open up the back of their phones, take out the
cards, and use them in another compatible or unlocked GSM mobile device.
  If you for any reason decide to use a new service provider, replaceable mobile
phones allow you to maintain your service with no commitment to your mobile phone.
All you have to do in this case is buy a new SIM card and have it activated in the
  With prepaid SIM cards you can reload your card to handle as many minutes of
communication as you would like. Your SIM card will then remain valid as long as
the minimum balance is maintained so that you can talk and text as normal.
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