Benefits Of Masala Chai Tea

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					Masala Chai Tea is a term which has become synonymous to the Tea across the world.
Often termed as the classic masala tea, it is the most common flavor of tea offered in
households across South-Asian countries. In fact according to various surveys, people
throughout the world refer to Masala Tea as simply Chai. This is testament to its
popularity which grows by leaps and bounds with every fan it make with a cup of tea.
  Quik Tea Masala Chai Tea delivers this same experience to you everytime you pour
a pack of the ready to drink powder in a cup of hot water. Masala tea is a concoction
of various Indian spices like cardamom, cinnamon, clove, ginger and pepper. This
adds a different aroma and taste to the cup of tea which takes the taste of a simple sip
over and above any other experience. While making Masala Chai Tea, one adds tea
powder and then blends all these spices in it. The mixture is then added to the hot
boiling cup of water and sugar and further allowed to boil for another 5 to 10 minutes.
The more it is boiled, the stronger the essence of these spices. The final product is a
hot cup of svelte masala chai tea and an experience cherished for a long time.
  Classic masala tea, as it is popularly known, is a beverage of people’s delight thanks
to its addictive taste and its medicinal qualities. With cardamom being the dominant
factor in the ingredients, no doubt the tea drinkers enjoy the complete benefits of
cardamom. Cardamom is useful in tackling problems related to gums and teeth.
Cardamom is also used in treating throat problems. Cardamom is also useful in the
treatment of kidney stones. Apart from the benefits of these Grains of Paradise, the
medicinal benefits of pepper, ginger and clove are also derived from a well-made
Masala Chai Tea. Naturally, all these medicinal virtues of cardamom are gained from
the masala chai tea. The classic masala tea is also useful to relieve stress and headache
and other stress related disorders.
  Masala Chai Tea is cherished by one and all not only because of its medicinal
advantages but also for its extravagant aroma and taste. The flavor of the classic
Masala Chai Tea and its endearing popularity continues to grow and sustain among
the masses around the world, irrespective of age.

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