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					Millions of people across the globe use social media networking sites every day.
According to statistics discussed at the Social Media Summit 2010, Facebook alone
claims that 50% of its active users log in to the website each day. While some people
use the sites for connecting with friends, these days there is a growing trend for using
such sites as marketing platforms. Many small and medium enterprises are promoting
their business across the Web through these sites. A major benefit of brand promotion
through these social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter is that as the sites
have a large number of users, a business profile on those portals gets wide exposures.
To reap the benefits of social media for generating traffic to your website/s, you need
to create a business profile on the social media site you are registering to.
 Two of the major social media networking sites are facebook and Twitter. To get
success with Facebook and Twitter marketing, you need to add various software
applications to the pages of your social media business profile. Make sure to choose
the applications according to the functionalities that you want to incorporate in your
profile to attract and engage potential customers. This strategy will increase the
sticking time of the users to your page. This will also ensure that a maximum number
of people are getting directed to your official pages.
 So, you can see that with Facebook and Twitter marketing, it is remarkably easy to
generate traffic for your business. A vital aspect of online marketing that people often
forget is to create an attractive business profile, which should be completely filled
with essential information. An incomplete profile may not be able to win the trust of
people towards your business. You must also make sure that your official website
contains relevant content and features to reflect your business intentions and
reputation well.
 Let us have a glance at the benefits that Facebook and Twitter marketing offers you:
 Benefits of Facebook and Twitter marketing
 * Two way communication between you and your target audience that helps to build
a better mutual understanding.
 * Allows people to engage and identify with your brand. Thus helps in effective
brand promotion.
 * You can build up a virtual personality. You can send and receive messages with
your clients in a personal and friendly environment.
 * Your competitors might also be doing Facebook and Twitter marketing. You can
monitor their strategies and programs and can give them a tough competition.
 These benefits are just like a few drops of water in an ocean.
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