Benefits from Quit Smoking Cigarettes

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					Smoking has many health risks and absolutely no health benefits. Why do people
keep smoking? Because they are addicted to nicotine and smoke cigarettes every
single day has become a habit and routine.The physical addiction to nicotine can go
away with a week or two of quitting. In the other way, psychological addiction can go
on for a long time. I think this is why people say 鈥淚 can 鈥檛鈥?and they give up
and lose the hope of quit smoking. Quitting smoking cigarettes is major and
immediate health benefits for all men and women! Benefits apply to people with and
without smoking related diseases. 90% of all lung cancer patients are smokers. Big
part of smokers stop smoking the minute after they are diagnosed with lung cancer.
That is just a prove it 鈥檚 possible... Belive yourself... You just need some
 Cigarette smoke and the cocktail of 4000 chemicals found in it, damage nerves all
over your body. After 2 days of quitting smoking your body will start to re-grow these
damaged nerves. The most dangerous chemicals found in cigarette smoke are
ammonia, carbon monoxide, cadmium, pesticides and benzines. The nicotine its self
doesn 鈥檛 affect your body to much comparable to others chemicals in cigarettes.
Multi-bilion tabacco 鈥檚 companies add some chemicals to make nicotive very
addictive... Please, do not give more money to these companies which are out to harm
the health of the people to gain a few more millions!
 I will list for you some of SHORT-TERM benefits of quit smoking cigarettes: 1.
After 1 鈥?2 months of not smoking you will have circulation improves and lung
function expands. 2. You can taste your food better, and your bad breath will gonna
away. 3. No more clothes with smell of smoke. 4. No more yellow fingers. 5. Your
wallet is fat! Now, some huge and very important LONG-TERM benefits of quit
smoking cigarettes: 1. Quitting smoking decreases the risk of lung cancer, other
cancers, chronic lung disease and heart attack. 2. After some weeks, all the carbon
monoxide and nicotine that was in the blood are going away. 3. You get your life back!
You 鈥檒 l feel more strength and energy to do more things and live with more
 To finish, I give you my best advice to quit smoking cigarettes right now. You can go
reducing the cigarettes smoking per day. If you smoke 20, you should try to just
smoke 10. After that, you should set a date of total cessation of smoke. You guys
should understand that to quit smoking and stay quit is simply a matter of knowing to
never take another puff. Change your routine. Drink tea instead of coffee. Do
something to reduce your stress... Take a hot bath, do exercise, or read a book. You
should to plan something enjoyable to do every day. There are no miracles... You need
to try and belive you can do this. I'm a new person since I quitted smoking! Good luck
everyone :)