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Negative remarks and late payments can take its toll from your credit score. The longer you leave your
credit in poor standing, the more difficult it will be to regain good credit. Nonetheless, it is never too late
to begin credit rehabilitation and although it’s impossible to improve bad credit overnight, you can
definitely raise a low credit score one sure step at a time. Listed below are the steps towards bad credit

Check your credit report.
Find out if all the information contained in your credit report is accurate. If not, it could be reason why
you are struggling with a low score. Errors, unauthorized charges and misinformation can ruin a
perfectly good credit history.

The good news is that you have the opportunity to correct those errors in your report and instantly raise
your personal credit score. This is why you should order a copy of your report from each of the three
major credit bureaus. If you find errors, send a dispute letter to the bureau that issued your report. An
investigation will then be conducted and you may need to wait up to 30 days for the errors to be

If you haven’t received your free report yet, you are eligible to request a free copy of your credit report
from each of the bureaus from You may also call 1-877-322-8228 or mail
your request to: Annual Credit Report Request Service, P.O. Box 105281 Atlanta, GA 30348-5281.

Pay down your debts.
Upon checking your report and making sure that charges in all your accounts are accurate, it’s time to
plan your repayment. Of course, if the charges are correct, there is no way you can erase them from
your report unless you pay your creditors.

Try to pay off debts with the highest interest rates firsthand to stop the quick accumulation of your
debts. If it’s not possible to pay your debts at once, it’s a good idea to try to negotiate with your
creditors to make repayment easier for you. For instance, you can request for a reduced interest rate,
lower monthly instalments, extended repayment term, or to have some of the additional fees such as
the late penalty fee be waived.

Minimize your credit limit usage.

Aside from timely payment, credit utilization is an essential factor in your credit score. In fact, credit
utilization is 30% in the FICO scoring system. Hence, one practical bad credit repair strategy is to keep
your credit usage minimal. If you own a credit card or a number of credit cards, keep your monthly
balances below 20% and leave at least 80% of your credit limit free from charges.

Get professional credit repair help.

If the problem is too overwhelming and you can’t seem to come up with an effective repayment plan on
your own, it’s best to get help from the experts. Find a legitimate credit repair help agency or a
reputable consumer credit counselling agency who can give you the assistance you need. Remember to
do your own investigation about the agency’s background and reputation before signing up for help.
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