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									A Belkin wireless router makes a good choice for anybody interested in quality
networking. Good transfer speed and excellent range represent the strong point of all
Belking products. Pre-N is the newest Belkin wireless router that is 8 times more
powerful than the standard 802.11g router, yet, not all appliances will make a match
for such advanced technology. The variety of Belkin routers serves very well for a
diversity of users from small to large wireless network administrators.
  Theoretically speaking it is very difficult to determine which is the best Belkin
wireless router, because the design should always be chosen according to the
specificity of the network. You don't even have to purchase the latest and greatest
Belkin wireless router on the market, it's enough to get a device that fully satisfies
your demands for performance and speed quality. When the latest technology makes a
viable choice for your network, then you should seriously consider an investment. If
you neglect such an aspect, you'd better be prepared to deal with mismatches!
  Every Belkin wireless router has a default password. Change it as soon as you
complete installation in order to achieve network security. Intruders may hack your
network if you don't have good security settings. As for the exact applications that a
Belkin wireless router enables, we should mention file sharing and the creation of a
broadband Internet connection with several computers, without the need to use cables.
It is important to check the protocols of your electronics to make sure that the Belkin
wireless router matches your peripherals.
  The coverage range for an average Belkin wireless router is of about 400 feet which
is pretty much enough for the needs of a regular user. Technical information on the
product will help you better understand and handle the installation and operation as
such. There are hardly any difficulties for the user if the instructions are followed
closely. Assistance is also available with lots of online Internet guides.
  It is a good idea to shop around and see what other designers have to offer before
you decide for a Belkin wireless router. Prices and technical features will be
convincing enough. Prices often vary depending on the retailer. Online retailers can
provide better deals than local stores, but on the Internet, you don't have the chance to
test the product or check a demo version. That's the problem with shopping for
electronic appliances on the Internet.
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