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					???Ningbo Beilun District and die industry by continuously upgrade the industry, was
transformed from a "family workshop" type of production to intensive "massive
economy" changes in average annual sales growth of more than 30%, with an annual
sales income 20 million yuan, the National the largest die-casting mold manufacturing


???In recent years, the area of policy, information and other aspects of mold industry
in support, the local association has also organized business mold officers to go to
Shanghai, Nanjing and other places, all kinds of molds fairs, and take advantage of
China Die & Mold Association, established in the Beilun District computer
automation training base and train a large number of programmers. Today, Beilun
District, corporate computer automation technology mold surface has reached more
than 20%, the main products are die-casting mold, plastic mold, die five major series
of products are sold throughout the country and the United States and Canada, more
than 30 countries and regions.


???To accelerate the pace of new product development, and constantly improve the
product grade, last year, Beilun District, some key technological transformation mold
companies invested a total of 82.7 million yuan of funds, the introduction of
high-speed milling machines, digital scanners, clamping machine, double-coordinate
measuring machine, etc. a group of international advanced equipment, but also has
built a die-casting mold Engineering Center, Engineering Design Center,
heat-treatment center, mold processing center R & D institutions, technology
innovation continues to increase. Hui Wang Industrial Co., Ltd. Beilun mold, the
introduction of high-grade, sharp advanced processing equipment, to develop the
automobile, motorcycle engine parts molds mainly to reach annual production
capacity of more than 200 sets. The company molds has been "Chongqing", "Luoyang
Northern Ek-Chor" and dozens of domestic and foreign enterprises designated as the
mold supporting enterprises, and exported to Iran and Southeast Asia.
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