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					13th September 2007 His Excellency

Archbishop Oswald Gracious
Archbishop’s House 21 Nathalal Parekh Marg Mumbai 400 001 Re : Tamil Catholic Abused at St.Anthony Church, Dharavi

Kind Atten :
Your Grace

Archbishop Oswald Gracious

Tamil Catholics St.Anthony Parish exceeds 1200 Tamil families and 95 Marathi families and 15 family others. This is with reference to the above subject On 5th November 2006 when we asked for the spiritual requirement with the Presence of 1000 Parishioners, the Tamil Catholics in the Parish were abused by using the following words “ Madhrasi Kutha Tho Boktha Rahega” by the Priest in St. Anthony Church Dharavi. (Which means “The Tamil Dogs will Always Bark”) Kindly justify.

Regards Members / Leaders of BCC Groups Women Catholic Group Tamil Catholic Association -Mumbai