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									                    Employee Engagement Today
     Employee Engagement Today n Vol 3.3 Summern Vol 3.3 Summer

                    Molson Coors
                    Kirsty Derry, human resource director at Molson Coors Brewing Company (UK), explains how they
                    are beating the challenges of a difficult business climate for the brewing industry by ensuring all their
                    employees understand, and are committed to, their platforms for growth

                olson Coors Brewing                  years is ambitious: to become a top        towards drinking at home with the
                Company, the global family           four global brewer in profitability. But   smoking ban changing customer
                brewer, has just completed           the world isn’t waiting for us to get      habits and driving people out of
     the first phase of a major new people           there, nor will it hand it to us on a      pubs. UK alcohol consumption is
     engagement programme designed to                plate. Employee involvement will be        falling, the total trade beer volume
     have a clear impact on its business:            crucial to achieve our goal.               in the UK has been in decline since
     to reinforce the company’s growth                                                          the 1980s and 52 pubs are closing
     strategy in 2010.                               The challenge                              every week.
         Molson Coors had a great 2009               There is significant pressure on the            Molson Coors is committed to
     but our vision for the next couple of           brewing industry with the trend            driving the beer market forward and

                                                                                                        Case study: Molson Coors

supporting the pub owners and other
                                            Pre- and post-event measurement results
customers’ businesses despite the
pressures faced by the brewing
                                            I have a clear understanding of the Molson Coors global vision
industry. Molson Coors is taking a
                                            – 13 per cent increase
determined and positive approach to
growing its brands and its customers’       I believe that the business is moving from ‘surviving’ to ‘winning’
businesses in 2010 by attracting one        – 14 per cent increase
million more shoppers down the beer
aisle and one million people back           I believe that we have a strong and aligned leadership team
down to their local pub.                    – 15 per cent increase
    This is a major challenge in
                                            I feel valued and recognised for my contributions by the business
anyone’s language and having the            – 14 per increase
support of a team of highly skilled,
engaged and motivated people is             I feel motivated and excited about the future direction of the business
crucial to making this happen. We           – 14 per cent increase
need to inspire and involve our staff                                                                    Source: INVOLVE
so they understand how they can
help us achieve these goals.
                                             Our people development focus            January 2010 in the UK, we turned to
Our Brew                                 covers technical training, such as          INVOLVE, the employee engagement
We embarked on this journey in 2008      World Class Manufacturing in our            specialists we’ve worked with in the
starting with insight work at a global   breweries, as well as personal              past, to help us truly engage our
level to define Molson Coors’ culture.   development for all employees; we           2,400 people with the Our Brew
Based on the research findings and       offer career development workshops          strategy. It was all about our people
enterprise-wide shared values –          and leadership development. Molson          understanding what the strategy
excelling, passion, integrity and        Coors invests circa £1m annually just       means and to take ownership for the
respect, quality and innovation – we     in the UK on learning and                   personal contribution they can make
developed the ‘Our Brew’ strategy for    development. Our leadership                 to bringing it to life.
our business to act as the compass       development approach has helped to               We held a one-day experience
that will get us, and keep us, heading   evolve our company’s culture and the        followed by dinner at the Liverpool
in the right direction to achieve our    engagement results are part of the          Arena in early February. Over
goals. It defines who we are and how     evidence of this. Our breweries are         1,200 employees took part in the
we’ll work together towards success.     building towards level three standard       event and a further 1,200 have
    Being a business strategy, ‘Our      for world-class manufacturing               participated in a ‘Decide & Do’
Brew’ is designed to help achieve            Molson Coors is all about               roadshow at different Molson Coors’
specific growth and profits targets,     passionate people, about                    sites around the UK, so that all our
but it mainly focuses on people and      encouraging them to be accountable          employees had a chance to get
their development, as well as defining   for achieving their ambitions and           involved in the programme.
company’s values. We want to be a        exceptional results. To support them             Groups of employees explored
leader in people development and         in this, our leaders are responsible for    seven zones representing the seven
engagement because we recognise          creating the environment where              pillars for growth of the business:
that engaged people are the              people can challenge accepted ways          Extraordinary People, Innovation,
foundation of our success.               of doing things.                            Amazing Our Customer, Beer
    While other beer companies are                                                   Champions and Extraordinary
slashing their investment in staff to    Making it real                              Brands. Instead of hours of dreaded
save money, Molson Coors is              We launched this strategy to our            PowerPoint and droning executives,
investing in its people, as we believe   senior management team globally in          we made sure every element was
in building a team of extraordinary      January 2009. Our leaders wanted to         fully participative, with lots of
people. Their development and            roll it out personally to the entire        practical examples and opportunities
enthusiasm for results gives us the      workforce and used story-telling and        for people to explore Molson
winning edge and will ultimately lead    interactive sessions to bring it to life    Coors’ priorities using different
to our goal of becoming a top four       for employees. Committed to                 learning styles.
global brewer.                           ensuring that Our Brew really stuck in           For example, the challenge of

     Employee Engagement Today n Vol 3.3 Summer

     improving the company’s profitability
                                                     Molson Coors: What we value
     was illustrated by using jugs of barley.
     Starting with a full jug, employees
                                                     Passion: Beer champions who love winning through our extraordinary
     could see the impact of paying taxes            brands and the beer moments they create
     and covering all the overhead costs.
     In another zone, employees became               Creativity: Unlocking ideas to make us more competitive; doing the
     part of a play with different characters        unexpected to challenge the norm
     discussing company’s views on
     important issues such as responsible            Excelling: Surprising one another, our customers and our competitors by
                                                     what we achieve
     drinking. The innovation zone was
     presented in a form of a shop.                  Integrity and respect: Treating everyone as we expect to be treated
     Employees used shopping baskets to
     choose ideas from the 70 innovations            Quality: Talented people who go the extra mile to deliver beyond ‘expected
     the management team had developed               quality’ in everything we do
     over the last few months. The most
     popular ideas are being taken forward.
         Molson Coors believes that it’s all      different beers. Straight after the       to life, so that everyone knows what
     about motivating extraordinary people.       event, everyone received a copy of a      they can do to contribute to their
     But how could we demonstrate that            special edition of the company’s          team’s success and, through that, to
     people learn in different ways? How          internal magazine, Cheers, with a         the success of the company.
     about a line dancing class? It was           report and images from the event, so
     interesting (and very educational) to        that the key messages were                Next steps
     see how people reacted to it. Some of        reinforced. Employees have also           We are going to continue the Our
     them just jumped into the line trying        received copies of the Our Brew           Brew activity in 2010. We want to
     out moves while others stepped away          Handbook explaining the strategy and      ensure all our employees understand
     or learnt through observing. This            giving real life examples of how they     our platforms for growth and feel
     different approach to learning is            work in practice and what behaviours      engaged in making them happen, so
     exactly what happens every day in a          are sought after.                         as part of our product innovation, we
     workplace and it was important the               The feedback from the event was       invite employees to taste test
     teams understood this so they can            very encouraging. People who              innovations. Molson Coors also
     work together more effectively               participated thought it was a good use    actively encourages volunteering in
     appreciating these differences.              of the company’s money and, more          the local community and in 2009
         It may all sound relatively simple,      importantly, feel committed to            employees raised £70,000 for
     but it was powerful. It was varied,          delivering great results in the year      Mencap, our corporate charity.
     great fun and designed to help people        ahead. We were pleased with the           It’s not about a one-time event, but
     really understand the issues they            results comparing pre- and post-          about commitment and listening to
     faced. Everyone left being very clear        measurement of the impact of the day.     your teams.
     on what needs to happen and how              The average score was 94 per cent for          We believe it works and so do our
     they can contribute to making it real.       ‘good use of my time’, the average        employees. Our recent People Survey
         The day ended with everyone              score was 99 per cent for ‘I know         revealed that 92 per cent of people
     taking part in a ‘human orchestra’.          what I can do personally’ and the         were proud to be part of Molson
     We will rock you was reproduced and          average score was 94 per cent             Coors and 88 per cent of our
     performed using hands, feet, beer            for ‘I believe we can achieve our         employees are actively engaged – a
     kegs and 1,000 bottles of beer as            2012 goal’.                               figure higher than the national average
     opposed to traditional instruments.              Mark Hunter, the chief executive of   and an increase of 13 per cent on the
     Over dinner everyone experienced             Molson Coors (UK), believes the           previous year. It means our efforts are
     their own ‘beer tasting’ – with nine         investment was absolutely vital. The      worth it. Our biggest challenge now, is
     different courses served with nine           company needs to bring their strategy     sustaining this level of engagement. n

     It was fascinating to see how people reacted to a line dancing class. Some of them jumped
     into the line trying out moves, others learned from observing


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