Top Zombie Movies For Everyone by gyvwpgjmtx


									Everyone loves a good zombie filme, dont they? And who doesnt enjoy blowing them
to pieces in a good console game?
 I think the games make the movies more enjoyable.My favorite is Resident Evil 4.I
think it has all the right elements. As far as the movies, there seem to be two distinct
styles. The first style is the very serious scare the pants off you style. The other is the
semi-serious, funny style.I happen to like the costumes. Oh look there is an undead
dentist! Everyone has their own top zombie film.
 Anyway, here are a few of my picks for top zombie movies. Return of the Dead 1985,
Night of the Living Dead-1968, and Dawn of the Dead 1978. For fun, I would also
throw Zombieland in there and one you probably would never guess. Jennifers Body.
I know, they say she is a Succubus in the movie, but she is not. A succubus is
something completely different. Megan Fox was the walking dead, and needed to eat
human flesh.So, This means she is a zombie.And not a bad looking one at that.
 Not only games and movies are popular.There are tons of zombie goodies out there,
such as clothing, toys and a lot more. One very popular item is the How to survive a
zombie attack book.
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