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									Incense Sticks are being used by man since time immemorial for an array of purposes.
Used for the pleasant fragrance of these sticks these are inevitable accessories in
prayer halls, religious places and during festivals in many Asian countries. Also
known as Joss sticks, derived from the Latin word for god via Portuguese incense
burning is a daily ritual in many homes. Incense Stickes are offered in various forms,
mostly as long and thin sticks that are colored yellow, green or black.
 India is a formidable name in incense stick market and takes credit to more than half
of the world's incense sticks requirements. Over 60 million sticks are produced every
year and the industry is growing at a rate of 7% per year with an export earning of
over 220 crores.
 The incense industry is not only a major revenue earner for the country but has also
opened up scores of employment opportunities in villages. The incense industry in
India is largely unorganized and is controlled by small time operators. Many
entrepreneurs and self help groups are imparting training for women in incense rolling,
perfuming and packaging of incense sticks and this has improved the financial status
and quality of life of village women. Though there are many mechanized incense stick
making units, it has been observed that the quality of hand made incense sticks in far
more superior than the machine made products.
 Incense sticks give out a pleasant fragrance when burned and it will be reduced into
a cool white ash with a stamble ember. Sticks burn slowly; releasing fragrant plumes
and leaves no trace when completely burnt. Branded incense sticks are preferred over
cheap sticks as these are made from premium quality materials like sandal, floral
extracts and others. Dipped sticks come with a lower price tag but the quality of these
types of incense sticks will be low.
 Incense Cone too are preferred by many as it occupies less space than incense sticks
and burns completely. Available in many fragrances, these give out more aromatic
smoke when burned and is very popular in religious places as well.
 Dhoop sticks are shorter versions of incense sticks without the customary wooden
stick that is used to hold it in place. It is violable in various fragrances like sandal
wood, rose, lavender and many other inviting flavors that would transform your home
into an ethereal realm!
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