improve the status of your battery to increase battery capacity.

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					Maintenance and storage 1. If the battery is a long time (several months) do not,
remove the saved backup from the machine. Suggested that each month and a half or
so once the battery discharge and charge order to improve the status of your battery to
increase battery capacity.
  2. If the battery is not a long time, it should be power set to 30 ~ 50% in storage, it is
recommended to charge the battery about once a year, and its power set to 30 ~ 50%,
to prevent over-discharge and damage the battery. The battery power setting to 30 to
50% of the specific methods of operation are as follows: When the battery is greater
than 50%, power consumption can be 30 to 50%. If the power consumption of less
than 30%, the first power consumption to 3% to 100% and then recharge power
consumption can be 30 ~ 50%.
  3. Use the battery to high temperatures and a cold environment, the battery
performance will be temporarily reduced. Standby mode should be saved and stored
at the state of the battery to places of lower temperature, the battery, the best
temperature range is about 10 to 20 degrees Celsius.
  Starting value on the adjustment of charge Charge the initial value set, click the
system tray in the power plug icon (when you use the AC power) or white large
battery icon (when you boot using the battery) / select Improve Battery Health /
Modify Start charging when below the value . Do not use for extended periods and
intentionally charging substantially change management process in the battery
charging set start value; because when you set the start value of low charge (eg 80%),
though with a battery AC power adapter "charge with the cycle" may take up to three
or four months, but if the battery is bound to have to use the re-activation of its
processing, otherwise the battery status and capacity of the poor. This is in fact
increased the number of charge cycles and shorten battery life. Furthermore, the
battery every month and a half or so in need of a discharge and charge order, and that
the initial value set by charging low (eg 80%) charge after the extension period will be
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