SUING THE POLICE QUESTIONAIRE We understand completely the need by liwenting


									                                   SUING THE POLICE QUESTIONAIRE
         We understand completely the need for confidentiality and sensitivity and guarantee both.

                       Before completing the questionnaire, please read this information

Your details held on our register may be released in law and where exempted from the Data Protection
Act’s (1998) non-disclosure provisions and any other acts of law which are applicable. Please read our
disclaimer for more information:

The funding of your case is obviously crucially important. We do NOT offer a Legal Aid service for
Actions Against the Police cases. We do not hold ourselves out to be a 'Legal Aid' practice as we do
not believe that it is always possible to work at the highest level within the constraints of public funding.
Please see our Funding page for more information:

Unfortunately in the first instance can only give “general advice” concerning your
matter this is due to constraints under the Data Protection Act. Once the questionnaire is completed it
enables us to form a preliminary view about your case and how we might be able to help you.
Due to the numerous letters, emails and telephone calls that we receive asking for assistance, we have
developed a three (3) hour fixed fee consultation. Experience dictates that if we explain exactly what
we can and cannot do in an effort to identify and offer you a possible solution to your matter, then a
consultation in person would be advisable. Should you agree to the consultation, we will be able to
give more specific advice concerning your matter?

The fixed fee for the consultation is as follows: £300.00 + V.A.T (£45.00), a total of £345.00. Should
you wish to a arrange a consultation simply contact us and we will be more than happy to arrange an
appointment at our London office (by appointment only) or a convenient time and location suitable to
you. Please note that the fee is per appellant. Terms & Conditions apply.

This questionnaire contains information from which may be privileged or
confidential and is protected by copyright owned by and is issued to you for its
own personal use in connection with your case preparation. No part of this Case Information may be
copied, lent, reproduced or otherwise disclosed to any third party without the written consent of

This information is intended to be for the use of the individual(s) or entity named in question one (1). If
you are not the intended recipient be aware that any disclosure, copying, distribution or use of the
contents of this information is prohibited. If you have received this questionnaire in error, please notify
us by telephone or email immediately.


Please answer the questions below as fully as you can and take your time. If you are unable to answer
any of the questions then please leave the space blank.

You can complete this questionnaire by typing in your answers in the boxes provided and returning it
via email to Alternatively, you may print the questionnaire and fill it out by
hand, returning it to us by post:

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us:
Tel: 0845 094 20 70
                                      Suing The Police Questionnaire

                           Terms of Business for Suing the Police Consultations

 Our focus is on giving you an exceptional service. To help us maintain this standard of service and to ensure we
 are not wasting your time (or vice versa!), we think the best way forward is for you to consider our Terms &
 Conditions carefully before you commit yourself to anything (no small print!).

 By now you should have completed our Questionnaire (it is not too late to do this if you haven’t already done so).
 Completing our Questionnaire with as much detail as possible will help us understand exactly what it is we can
 do for you. We therefore hope you can understand why we cannot hold consultations without the Questionnaire
 being completed first.

 Important! Read the Terms & Conditions carefully before accepting them. Ticking “I accept the Terms &
 Conditions of this agreement” indicates your acceptance of these terms.

                                             Terms & Conditions

1.   We (meaning (Ltd)) are a private limited company incorporated in England &
     Wales (Registration No: 5961273 V.A.T No: 911 9160 42 and Data Protection Act Reg No:
     Z6556946). Our Registered Office is: 27 Old Gloucester Street, London, WC1N 3XX.

2.   The fee for the consultation is £300.00 plus V.A.T (at the current rate). The consultation may last up
     to 2 hours. Additional time can be arranged upon request which will be charged at a further
     £125.00 plus V.A.T (at the current rate) per hour.

3.   You will be sent a confirmation email detailing the time, date and location of your consultation. If
     you wish to cancel or re-schedule your appointment, you must notify us at least 24 hours before

4.   If you cancel your appointment and do not provide us with at least 24 hours notice, we reserve the
     right to charge you £100.00 plus V.A.T (at the current rate). Our consultants may have already
     incurred non-refundable travel costs in order to attend the cancelled consultation so this charge is
     with that in mind.

5.   We are happy to re-schedule your appointment but reserve the right to apply the charge detailed in
     paragraph 4 above if we are not given adequate notice (i.e. 24 hours in advance of the original
     consultation booking).

The Privacy Policy, Disclaimer and Copyright are available to view at This also forms part of our terms and conditions and it
is therefore important that you read this carefully before accepting them. Ticking “I accept the Terms &
Conditions of this agreement” indicates your acceptance of them.

O        I accept the Terms & Conditions of this agreement
O        I do not accept the Terms & Conditions of this agreement
 Part 1 - About You

 Q1. Name of person making complaint.

 Q2. Date.

 Q3. Address and postcode.

 Q4. Home telephone.

 Q5. Mobile telephone.

 Q6. Email.

 Q7. Name of person completing this questionnaire (if not person in Q1).

 Q8. Date of birth and age (of person in Q1).

 Q9. National Insurance number.

 Part 2: Your Case.

 Q10. Is your case against: (tick)
Police            CPS             IPCA

 Q11. Which category do you think your Action Against the Police falls into? (tick)
Police battery/assault
False Imprisonment
Trespass to property or goods
Breach of Human Rights
Unlawful stop and search
Death in custody
Malicious prosecution
Judicial review
Complainants against the police
Wrongful arrest/unlawful arrest
Misfeasance in public office
Police negligence
Racial discrimination

 Part 3: In order for us to determine which category your claim falls into please answer the following

 Q12. Please give the date, time and place of the matter that may give rise to your claim.

 Q13. Which Police Force dealt with your matter?

 Q14. Were you arrested? If so, when (there is a time limit in which an action can be brought against the police,
      which depends upon the nature of the calm)?

 Q15. Name and number of Police Officer(s) involved with your matter?

 Q16. Were you detained by the police? If yes, how long was your detention?

 Q17. Were you charged with any offence(s)?

 Q18. Did your case go to trial? If so, in which court?

 Q19. Please give trial dates & case number.

 Q20. If your case went to court, what was the result?

 Q21. Did you suffer any injury during your arrest or detention?

 Q22. Did you suffer any other loss other than injuries to you?
Q23. Have you complained about the Police conduct? If so, to whom? If not, do you intend to complain?

Q24. If you did complain, what was the result of your complaint?

Q25. Did you instruct solicitors in relation to the above? If so give full contact details.

Q26. Do you have any evidence to support your claim (such as video, CCTV, photos, medical reports, witness
     statements, custody records, case reports, receipts)?

Q27. Do you have any previous convictions? If yes, please explain.

Q28. Please give a brief outline of your case.

Q29. Do you have any objections to us discussing your case with a Solicitor or Senior Barrister (Counsel) prior
     to receiving your instructions to proceed?

Q30. How did you hear about us?

Q31. Please explain why you feel we may be able to help you?

Once you have submitted this form it will be reviewed by our dedicated 'Actions Against the Police'
team. We will arrange an appointment for an initial consultation with a senior solicitor specialising in
this field. There is a fixed fee of £300 + VAT for this consultation.

  Please note that if we do not hear back from you once we have given you a telephone interview your file will be destroyed
                                                       after 28 days.

                                             Office Use Only
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 Solicitor referred:                   Barrister referred:                    Queens Counsel Referred:
                     File No:                                      Agent dealing with:
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