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					Flanges are used in various applications and are mostly made in steel. Stainless steel
flanges are preferred for their long service time.
  Flanges are used on rails to ensure that the wheels are kept in well motion and the
rails are not easily worn out. Flanges are normally used for connecting two pipes
together through the bolts or the welding method.
  Flanges are made from many materials, of which steel is the most common material.
Steel flanges are commonly used in plumbing systems and in other applications
because of their low maintenance and higher service life.
  Flanges help to keep the pipes stay strong without the risks of leaks. Welded flanges
are used in high pressure zones and they reduce the flow rate and prevent the pipes
from corrosion. Whereas in low pressure areas, it is recommended to use flanges with
bolts as it facilitates smooth flow.
  The flanges are available in various shapes and the most common ones being
rectangular, oval and round. There are different flange standards worldwide and to
ensure easy inter-changeability, these are designed in standardized dimensions.
  Different Types of Pipe Flanges There are many types of pipe flanges
  鈥?Blinds which are round plates: Mostly used to close the piping system.
  鈥?Lap joints are fitted with lap joint stub ends: These can be easily installed and
removed and hence are ideal for systems that require constant cleaning and inspection
鈥?Orifice: It is used to determine the intensity of the flow rates of gases or fluids in
any system.
  鈥? Reducing flanges: Used to change the diameters in piping system and are handy
options to reduce the diameters in pipes.
  鈥?Slip ones: These flanges slide over the edges of pipes and can be used in low
pressure areas.
  鈥?Threaded Flanges: These are similar to the slip-on flange, but the bore is
threaded. The main advantage of this is that it can be assembled without welding,
which makes it well suited for low pressure applications at ordinary atmospheric
temperatures and in highly explosive areas where welding create a hazard.
  鈥?Industrial flanges made from alloy steel, carbon steel or stainless steel is widely
used. Available in a range of sizes, industrial flanges include iWeldneck, Slipon, Blind
and Socket Weld among others.
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