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					TUKAcenter™ Licensing Agreement
This agreement between TUKAweb™ and ______________, for location ______________, to cover users
and customer in minimum of 30 miles radius, describes and outlines the promises of TUKAweb™ as follows:

Start-Up & Engineering

TUKAweb™ promises to provide the following engineering support for the above licensee in all
aspects of launching a TUKAcenter™, including:
    Project / time line management
    Staffing and hiring strategy (selection criteria, job descriptions, procedures, etc.)
    Equipment selection
    Facility layout and preparation, including A/C, back-up power generator, illumination, power
    distribution, furniture, telephones, fax machines, Internet access, etc.
    Security and back-up systems
    Installation and testing of the above.


TUKAweb™ will train in all aspects of:

    Operating production equipment, including digitizers, CAD stations, plotters, etc.
    Operating various TUKATECH™ software applications, including TUKAstudio and TUKAcad,
    which encompasses pattern making, grading, marking, & plotting services
    Communicating between any other CAD systems to any CAD output through TUKAcad.
    Operating support equipment including generators, security systems, etc.
    Maintenance procedures for all equipment
    Security and data preservation procedures
    Procedures for purchase of supplies and inventory maintenance, invoicing, etc.
    Marketing techniques
    Operator training
    Student training courses
    TUKAweb™ agrees to provide this training in our Los Angeles location for up to 30 days.
    TUKAweb™ agrees to work at the location of the TUKAcenter™ to be opened for a period of 14
    days beginning with the first day of operation.

Alternative Training Plan
 If the potential operator cannot, for any reason, come to Los Angeles for training, TUKAweb™ will do the

   TUKAweb™ will provide all information listed above to the operator via e-mail, telephone and mail to
   assist the operator in preparation for the opening of the location.
   TUKAweb™ will come to the operator's location and work with the operator for one (1) month to train
   and work for the operator to ensure his success and confidence to operate the business
   successfully. The fee for this alternate service will be determined at time of request.
Educational Materials
TUKAweb™ agrees to provide the following educational materials (up to 25 copies):

   Various TUKATECH™ Course outlines and Student training manuals
   Student and Instructor work books
   Sample examinations and test papers
   TUKAstudio and TUKAcad diplomas (course completion certificates)
   Requests for additional copies of the above may be purchased with a Purchase Order.

In addition, as a TUKAcenter™ licensee, the licensee will benefit from

   TUKAweb™ cooperative advertising
   Free access to all software upgrade releases
   Use of the TUKAcenter™ and TUKAweb™ logos and images.
   TUKAweb™ will promote the use of plotting services at the licensee service center given appropriate
   geography and performance history.
   Data transfer interchange software releases
   TUKAweb™ will extend promotional support at its own expenses to the Licensee in accordance with
   TUKAweb™ programs and plans for promoting Licensee service centers at various places. Such
   programs and plans will be decided in consultation with the Licensee. However, TUKAweb™’
   decision in this regard would be final.
   It is necessary to obtain TUKAweb™’ approval for the promotional material designed by the
   Licensee to maintain uniformity. Non-compliance would debar Licensee from claiming subsidy.

TUKAweb™ will provide the following support:

    TUKAweb™ promises to be available by phone and/or Internet to provide assistance and answer
    questions of Licensee and his representatives.
    In the event that the Licensee requests that TUKAweb™ be available for on site training, at
    Licensee’s location, TUKAweb™ requires 14 days advance notice and the Licensee agrees to pay
    transportation and related costs and $500 per day to TUKAweb™ in advance.

   The signing of this agreement between TUKAweb™ and the licensee of the TUKAcenter™
   constitutes the entire agreement between the parties, any breach of this agreement by the licensee
   and TUKAweb™ agree to settle any disputes through and by an independent arbitration service and
   that no litigation shall be attempted by either party prior to any arbitration proceedings.
   THAT the Licensee shall maintain proper books of accounts and such standard records and
   stationery at their own cost as TUKAweb™ may deem fit from time to time, and TUKAweb™ shall
   have the right to inspect such books of account of the Licensee.
   The Licensee is expected to meet the Customer Service Standards as set out in the TUKAcenter™
   Customer Service Charter.
   The Licensee will establish and maintain a Disaster Recovery Plan that ensures no disruption of
   service to the customers.
   THIS Agreement shall be for a period of three years from the date of the opening of the said service
   center, i.e. from ___________________ and may be renewed for such further period as may be
   mutually agreed upon.
   This licensee cannot transfer this agreement to any other party without the consent and prior approval
   of TUKAweb™.
   THAT in the event of Licensee committing any breach of this agreement, TUKAweb™ shall have the
   right to terminate this agreement after giving one month’s prior notice in writing to the Licensee and in
   such event the Licensee shall pay to TUKAweb™ forthwith any and all the outstanding amounts, in
   the event of non-payment of the yearly installments by the Licensee, TUKAweb™ shall have the first
   lien on all equipment, furniture, etc.
   THAT this agreement has been entered into with the Licensee on the basis of the present constitution
   of the firm. If there is any change in the constitution of the firm, the Licensee will immediately inform
   TUKAweb™ of the same, and in any such event TUKAweb™ may terminate this agreement without
   any liability whatsoever.
   THAT in any case / event of the termination of the agreement the tenancy right of the firm shall
   always belong to Licensee and TUKAweb™ shall not claim any right or benefits of the premises firm
   and the tenancy of the premises.
   Upon termination of the agreement, good will, names, logos, and images of TUKAweb™ and
   TUKAcenter™ shall belong to the licensor and licensee shall lose his/her right to use the names,
   logos, and images. If licensee continues to use such names, etcetera, he/she will be liable for
   This licensing agreement shall become void if the Licensee is convicted of any felonies, does not
   maintain up-to-date accounts with TUKAweb™ or vendors, or if the premises are not maintained in
   an appropriate manner representing TUKAweb™ in a positive image.
   Licensee shall ensure that any and all proprietary software; etcetera is protected and not shared with
   other parties. This agreement is separate from any software licensing agreement that the licensee
   will have in place with TUKATECH™ for use of their software applications and equipment.
   This agreement shall become valid and enforceable upon signing of the parties.
   A non-refundable deposit of $5,000 will be paid to TUKAweb™ upon signing of this contract.
   For further information you may call 323-726-3836, or toll free from U.S.A. and Canada, 877-
Licensing Fees

 _____________ shall pay a one-time licensing fee of $ 25,000 to TUKAweb Inc. as
 consideration for entering into the agreement minus the initial deposit.
 This fee shall be invoiced immediately, however, payable as follows
 Upon renewal of this agreement after the initial term.
 If the agreement is not renewed, no licensing fee shall be payable.

Other Fees

The Licensee will pay on a monthly basis to TUKAweb™ five percent (5%) of sales
he Licensee will pay on a monthly basis to TUKAweb™ US$ __N/A___ for promotions and advertising.
TUKAweb™ will pay on a monthly basis to the licensee three percent (3%) of revenue collected from
members enrolled through the licensee’s TUKAcenter™ for web-based services.
TUKAweb™ will pay seven dollars ($7) per paid subscription to TUKAcenter™ as a one time, finders fee
for new members enrolled for web based services.

The Licensee package contains the following documents and items:

   Licensing Agreement
   Cost Model including
   Capital Investment
   Operating Cost Worksheet (fixed and variable)
   Revenue Worksheet
   Sample TUKAcenter™ layout
   Demo TUKAcad™ software

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