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									    UMBC - Delta Initiative

UMBC Financial Training
   For Supervisors

     July 9, 2003
                UMBC - Delta Initiative

Session Goals

•   Why PeopleSoft
•   How to get support and information
•   The role of the Supervisor
•   Understanding the chart string
•   Business Processes
    – Purchasing
    – Grants and projects
    – Managing your budget and funds
• Timeline
               UMBC - Delta Initiative

What is Not Covered

• We will give brief demonstrations of
  PeopleSoft functionality but this is not a
  training course for using PeopleSoft
• To learn PeopleSoft
   – Attend training - register through
   – Read online training documentation and attend
     sandbox to learn on your own
              UMBC - Delta Initiative

Why PeopleSoft

• UMBC wanted an integrated system that did
  HR, Finance, and Student administration.
• Business driver was the decision in fall 1999
  for each UM campus to run their own Payroll
  system and interface directly to the State.
• August 2000, UMBC was in the midst of
  evaluating and RFP for Finance and HR when
  USM decided to follow UMUC and purchase
  PeopleSoft (PS)
                UMBC - Delta Initiative

Finance Goals

• Provide a single system of record for all financial
  transactions across all UMBC units
• End-users initiate transactions and data in the system
  should not have to be constantly reentered
• Implement workflow that provides online approval
  and meets internal control
• Provide support for end-user reporting and data
• Eliminate the need for shadow systems
              UMBC - Delta Initiative

PeopleSoft Modules Being
• UMBC has implemented these finance modules:
   – General Ledger (GL), Accounts Payable (AP)
   – Accounts Receivable and Billing
   – Requisitions and Pcard
   – Grants, projects,commitment accounting
   – Retriever for reporting
• To be implemented
   – Asset management (inventory)
   – Budget
                 UMBC - Delta Initiative

Support and Information

• General Information
• Forms, documentation, and FAQ
• Support
  – Know your peer mentor
  – Email -
  – Phone - OIT HelpDesk 5-3838
               UMBC - Delta Initiative

The Supervisors Role

• PeopleSoft Roles
  – Determine and approve who can do what financial
    transactions in your unit
  – Potentially approve transactions
  – Manage budgets
• Department Role
  – Support your staff have patience and
    understanding while they learn this!
  – Support finance and OSP while they learn this
                 UMBC - Delta Initiative

PeopleSoft Security

• PeopleSoft provides control down to the page that
  you can be viewed. To manage this we have tried to
  organize users in roles and grant access to a role.
• We have 3 distinct machines running PS: Finance,
  HR, and EPM. All use your myUMBC account and
  password. At some point in fall we have to require
  periodic password changing for the auditors
• Until we integrate single sign on, you have to login to
  each different machine.
               UMBC - Delta Initiative

Security Forms - Getting Prepared

•   Visit PeopleSoft support site for forms!
•   What you need ahead of time is all on the
    Forms pulldown
    1. Department ID numbers
    2. Department Locations
    3. Employee ID’s
             UMBC - Delta Initiative

Security Forms Needed in a
– Specialized access form - grants someone
  access to various financial functions in
– Requestor Form - who can request and
  prepare requisitions
– Pcard proxy form - who can approve and
  reallocate Pcard transactions
                 UMBC - Delta Initiative

Understanding the Chart String

• Completely redesigned, there is NO way to infer PS
  chart string from FAS except for converted grants
  which have a PS string starting with CV
• PS chart string varies by the type of funds. Grants
  have additional fields over state funds to allow
  flexibility in tracking expenditures
• Getting started - read the Chart of Accounts training
  from Tom Vogler
• For Grants, read the Grants Management Chartfield
• Print off Psoft Account Resource Types
              UMBC - Delta Initiative

Components of a ChartString -
State or Self Support
1. Business Unit - always UMBC1
2. Fund - 1111 for state support, 1121 for Aux,
   1253 grants
3. Department - Find you Dept ID (5 digits)
4. Program Fin - 3 digit number (expense type)
5. Account - 7 digit number, think subcodes
6. Tcode- transaction code, used for deposits,
   JV’s, etc.
                UMBC - Delta Initiative

Components of a ChartString -
Grants and Projects
1. Business Unit - always UMBC1
2. Fund - 1253 for grants
3. Project-ID - Alpha string to Identify a grant
4. Activity-ID - BUDnnnnnn or CNV for converted
5. Resource Type- allows PI to track expenditures
   and UMBC to handle Indirect costing
6. Resource Cat- allows refined tracking of cost,
   such as salary wages and salary fringe, salary -
   grad students
                 UMBC - Delta Initiative

How to Manage All This?

• Tools in PeopleSoft
   – FAS to PS converter
   – Treeviewer
• Create a spread sheet
   – Download UMBC Mapping Psoft Account spreadsheet
   – Add a sheet with your departments accounts
• Memorize
   – Fund, department number and Program fin
• Patience and prayer :-)
               UMBC - Delta Initiative

PeopleSoft Demo

•   Logging into PeopleSoft
•   Treeviewer
•   FAS to PeopleSoft Converter
•   Creating shortcuts through My Favorites
              UMBC - Delta Initiative


• Requires Security - Requestor Form
  – Requestor - someone with authority to purchase
  – Requisitioner - someone who can create the
    requisition for that requestor
• Paper requisition - Excel form is available
  – Item category - state requires reporting of
    purchases in 51 categories. Use UMBC Mapping
    Psoft spreadsheet to link terms
  – Location code - Consult delivery locations list
              UMBC - Delta Initiative

Requisitions (2)

• All requisitions and status can be tracked
  online in PS
• Receivers are entered online, we will provide
  training on just this in early August
• Online requisition training will start in late
                   UMBC - Delta Initiative

Procurement Card

• Requires Security - Pcard Proxy Auth. Form and PS
  Specialized Access
• PS requires every purchase “be approved” before
  funds are paid
   – Cardholder can do this or delegate this to a proxy
• PS Pcard reallocations can happen any time, even
  months later
• PS Pcard reallocations update GL balance each night
                UMBC - Delta Initiative

General Ledger and Journal Entries

• Journal entries replace IDT and JV.
  – Will be fully online, finance is developing a form
    for near term to handle these
  – Training will start week of July 14
• Ledger allows tracking of all financial
• Excel loader has been developed for
  departments that do many charges at one
              UMBC - Delta Initiative

Managing Budgets - Retriever

• First thing - there are not separate accounts
  for personnel and operating!!
  – Personnel and operating are just treated as
    sub-codes for department budget and
    tracked accordingly
  – Retriever allows you to view by hierarchy
  – Provides report that is similar to AMO90
  – Will be available after FY03 close
              UMBC - Delta Initiative


• Retriever, receiving, Pcard
UMBC - Delta Initiative

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