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					Dated – 12th June 2006

Give Us Today Our Daily Priest
Historical Perspective Mumbai, the commercial city is the capital of Maharshtra state in India. Since Mumbai is commercial city, people from all over India have come over have as settlers. i.e. Goans , Mangaloreans, Tamilians (State of Tamilnadu), Malayalees (State of Kerala) and many others. Tamil Language: Tamil is one of the Ancient Languages spoken among the Tamil People most commonly spoken in the Diocese of Tamilnadu State in India i.e. In the Dioceses of Palayamkottai, ChengalPat, Coimbatore, Dharmapuri, Dindugul, Nagercoil, Thanjavur, Kumbakonam, Salem, Sivagangai, Thuckalay, Tiruchirapalli, Tuticorin, Vellore, Archdiocese of Pondicherry, Madurai and Mylapore and a few Congregations in Tamilnadu State. Tamil Population In Mumbai City The Population of Tamil Catholics in Mumbai exceeds more than a lac in the Archdiocese of Mumbai. We never differentiate catholic believers by their Caste or Creed. We adopt brotherly relation with all the Catholics in the Parish. St. Anthony Church in the Archdiocese of Mumbai Dharavi though one of the oldest settlements of the Tamils the biggest slum in Asia, was takeover by the Archdiocese of Mumbai in the year 2000 and was originally established in the early 1900. Tamil Catholics in this Parish exceeds 1300 Tamil families and 95 Marathi families and 15 family others. However the Diocese has been continuously appointing Goan and Mangalorean as Parish Priest and Assistant Parish Priest, and the Masses are celebrated by these Priest are in English and Hindi, where 90 % of the Tamilians don’t speak or understand neither English nor Hindi. The Church contributes the Diocese approximately Rs.60,000 to Rs.75,000 per month through various contribution by the Parishioners . Also the recent Church Building budgeting Rs. One Crore was also contributed only by the Parish People. (Ref: Church Foundation Stone)


The Current Issues since last Six Years : The present Parish Priest, Fr. Allwyn D’Silva at St. Anthony’ Church Dharavi, the attitude and approach towards the Tamil Devotees is arrogant and has no Fatherly concern. He uses abusive language without human respect. From the very beginning of his arrival to the Parish till now he has been creating communal problems dividing the faithful Catholics on the basis of language (Tamil and Marathi) and Caste. While he is trying to celebrate Mass in Tamil, the following happens. a) Gospel and Collect are read by Lay Person or Seminarians . The words of Nuptial blessing. Read by the Lay Person or Seminarians and so there is a Sacrilege of Sacraments. Ref : ( Marriage Register of St. Anthony Church ) b) Because of his Pastoral negligence most of the Catholics from our Parish are going to the Pentecostal services. c) On important Obligation days like All Souls day, Christmas, Easter, Maundy Thursday etc. we lack a Tamil Priest to celebrate the occasions. d) Here in the dioceses the Goans have organizations- Konkani Sabha. Other Language Groups have also their own organizations. When we organised the Tamil Catholics Association in our parish, the parish priest felt unsecured. We never interfered in his parish administration. However he banned our Association through the Bishop. e) Frequent violence activity of the Parish Youth Council, where a list can be find in the local police station. f) Continuous non-biblical and Antiglobalisation talks during sermon g) He is also the Chair Person of the Justice and Peace Commission, where he failed to give us the justice and Peace What a contradiction? He is dividing the faithful by providing money or loans to his supporters, which he acknowledges as the Parish Council, and a 5 young people who are involved in several antisocial activities, most often sits in the Church’s gate and Parish offices which the Priest acknowledges as the Parish Youth Council. h) The Church activities are highly portrayed just only in documents and files or through Soveniour release, but nothing happens in Practice rather a Paper Church than a Gospel Church. ( Ref : Church Soveniour release 2005 and 2006 of St. Anthony Church ) i) Mid Term Dismissal of Rev.Fr.Swaminathan (Tamil Chaplin)even after a Sincere service for the Tamilians and Majority of People fell tears for the act.


Formation of the Seminarians: a) The Seminarians are Misguided by Fr.Allwyn D’Silva to fulfill his Administrative needs. b) Seminarians involvement in the Parish are more as a Administrator than for Pastrol Services. Hence We Request the Lordship : 1. We ask our Lordship with humble, that we lack a Priest, for conducting Holy Mass, All Liturgical Services, Catechism, Children’s Masses, Young People Association Marriage Masses, Celebration Masses, Funeral Masses in the Tamil language. 2. We humbly request the Lord to hand over the Parish to a Congregation or Diocese where Tamil speaking Priests are available. 3. We also humbly request the Lord to provide us a Auxiliary Bishop or an Episcopal Vicar for the Tamil Catholics in Mumbai since we are more than One Lakh Devotees. 4. Monarch Fr.Allwyn D’Silva needs to be transferred from our Parish. Note: 1. To verify the above findings, we request the Lordship to take the survey of all the 1300 families with the Parish Membership Card, along with a Tamil Speaking Bishop or Tamil Representative. 2. The above mentioned families are Roman Catholics since past 100 years, during the British Era. 3. The above mentioned are True as a Catholic Believer (First Part of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Section 2, Chapter 3, Article 9: I believe in the Holy Catholic Church.:


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