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Bathroom Remodeling _ Bathroom Design

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					Ideas for Bathroom Renovation

If you feel like you are ready for a new bathroom or you need to update what you
have there are many ideas that you should run through. An idea is great but it should
always be put down on paper so your contractor knows exactly what you are looking
for also. Many things can be done to your bathroom to spruce it up from adding a
mirror to changing the color of the paint.

If you are planning to change to door, pocket doors do not need a wide arc to be
opened. This will give you some added room in you bathroom. Also to add some
space to your bathroom you should get rid of the closets they are great but the shelves
could go in the hall and you can use shelves or hanging mounts for everything in your

For the walls you should go for a lighter color such as white or cream. Lighter colors
make your bathroom look as though it has opened up. These lighter colors are better
then dark colors because dark colors give a closed in cave like feeling. Also to add
some illusion of extra space in your bathroom you should hang some mirrors on the
walls. The more mirrors that you hang the more space it appears that you have.

If you are gong to do a total makeover for your bathroom then you must look into
installing a stand up shower. The shower stall that sits in the corner of the bathroom
are best because they allow for you to have some extra floor space outside of the

Whatever it is that you choose to do to for your bathroom renovation if it is going to
be a larger renovation plan ahead and write in down on paper. Another good thing to
do is to hire a professional to do the confusing work.

As life changes over the years, you might find your once-perfect bathroom in need of
an update. Whatever bathroom remodeling you would like to see happen, do it the
convenient and affordable way by working with CA Bathroom Remodeling and our
expert installation technicians. Our bathroom remodeling specialists in CA work with
you to review and measure your bathroom, then design the remodel that works for
you. And most jobs only take betwenn one to two days, giving you the time to enjoy
your updated bathroom all that much quicker.

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