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									vibram five fingers, The human foot contains 26 bones, 30 joints, and over a hundred
muscles, tendons, and ligaments. For your feet to be healthy, just like any other part of
the human body, it needs to be stimulated and exercised regularly.
  So how do you protect your feet when you walk, run, and do your favorite
sports--barefoot running with five finger shoes?
  According to Juan Carlos Abad, president of Barefootwear, five fingers, using
traditional footwear is like binding the feet. A regular pair of shoes tends to weaken
the muscle, making it underdeveloped and possibly more prone to injury,vibram
  So how do you do this when your vibram five fingers are slowly killing your feet? It
all goes back to going barefoot. Sounds silly, doesn 鈥檛 it? But runners and five
finger shoes aficionados in other countries are saying that going five fingers is
actually better for the feet and wellbeing.
  American journalist and runner Christopher McDougall wrote a book, entitled 鈥淏
orn to Run,鈥?where he explored deeply the numerous research materials about how
vibram shoes affect the human feet.
  In one interview, McDougall said that he was suffering from heel pain after finishing
his book. vibram five fingers, Instead of consulting a doctor, he went to a barefoot
running coach who helped him solve his problem within 15 minutes.
  What caused his pain was his old running form brought upon by wearing a pair of
neutral vibram shoes. And since then, he 鈥檚 been afraid to wear five finger shoes.
  But if you don 鈥檛 want to go barefoot, an alternative would be wearing five finger
shoes. It 鈥檚 not a shoe made out of hemp, but a new type of shoes created by
Vibram which looks like a foot glove.
  The vibram shoes is designed to mimic the natural movements of the human foot. It
has a flexible, durable, and lightweight sole which provides the grip that Vibram is
globally known for---vibram five fingers.
  And with that in mind, Vibram designed the five fingers with individual toe pockets
not seen in other shoes. 鈥淚 magine being able to remove your shoes and use your
feet (vibram shoes) in their maximum strength, potential, and dexterity. It promotes
efficient movement and action. This is what the five finger shoes bring to its wearer,
鈥?Abad says.
  Australian Corey Wills of Pulse Yoga advised everyone to 鈥渢 ry to walk barefoot
as much as possible.鈥?This is what he discovered even before buying his own pair of
five fingers. But when he came to Manila, his dilemma was he couldn 鈥檛 walk
barefoot anywhere unlike in Australia. He was excited at first to wear vibram shoes
here until he experienced the discomfort it caused to his feet later on.
  鈥淲 ith yoga, I deal with back injuries, knee pain, or ankle issues all day long.
Those vibram shoes are killing you. Those high heels and pointed heels mess up your
toes and elevate your heels. Even those big cushioned shoes, they make your feet
weak,鈥?says Wills.
  Launched in 2006, vibram five fingers was awarded as one of Time Magazine 鈥檚
Best Inventions of 2007 and has conquered the barefoot revolution in Europe, North
America, Australia, and now Asia.
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