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									IP Financials
New York, New York

Indran Purushothaman

    P Financials is a management consultancy that specializes in

J   providing corporate finance advisory and financial management
    services. Core services include financial management, start-up and
new venture services, financial modeling and analysis, business planning,
business valuations, and corporate financial advice. IP Financials has
been doing business in Australia for 15 years. To date, about 20% of
                                                                             Industry: FinanciI Services
revenue generated comes from work with Australia.
                                                                             Number of
Projects undertaken include financial due diligence, modeling and            U.S. Employees: 1
analysis, valuation, corporate finance, management reporting,                Years of Involvement in
accounting, budgeting, business plans, and business research. Indran         Australia: 15
Purushothaman, director, worked in Australia and returned to the United
                                                                             Major Products Sold to
States two years ago to build his business base from New York. He            Australia: Niariagernent
believes that eliminating existing trade barriers with Australia will open   Consulting and Financial
up even more opportunities for entrepreneurs. “A free trade agreement        Advisory Services
will provide new avenues for growth. It will not only increase the export
of goods but also will result in an increased need for business advisory
services. That translates to growth in my business as well as for the
start-ups and other customers I serve.”


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