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									    SAMPLE DASHBOARD FOR BOARD FY09 Key Performance Indicators Second Quarter                                         Frequency   Target      Target FY09     % Target   Q2-YTD FY09      LY (FY08)
                          Report October to December                                                                  Measured    status                       FY09

   AGENCY OPERATIONS                           NOTES                  METRICS DEFINITIONS
Months of Invested Reserves                                           Total balance in reserve accounts / (Total      Quarterly
                                                                      Cash Expense Budget / 12)
                                                                                                                                                        4.0    68%                  2.7           4.0

Days of Cash on Hand                 Second quarter cash       Total balances in operating bank
                                    balance is inflated due to accounts/365
                                    receiving Kresge matching
                                    grant funds ($400,000)                                                                            +
                                    and Freddie Mac
                                    ($300,00) in October -                                                            Quarterly                         60    133%           80 days               59
                                    December time period.
                                    However, these numbers
                                    have been adjusted.

Actual Compared to Budget -                                           Cash flow report Revenue totals for three       Quarterly
Revenue                                                               month period compared to projected
                                                                      amounts per the July Cash Flow Report                                   1:1 or more     100%               1.1:1 New in 2009

Actual Compared to Budget -          Expenses should be at or Cash flow report expenses totals for                    Quarterly
Expenses                            below budgeted levels to three month period compared to projected
                                    show fiscal responsibility amounts per the July Cash Flow report.                                 +
                                                                                                                                              1:1 or less     104%               .96:1      233,027

Human Resources
Employee Retention Rate                                                # of essential positions at the start of the   Quarterly
                                                                      quarter divided by the total # employees                    +
                                                                                                                                                  80%         111%                89%            16%
                                                                      terminating employment

 Attendance (Base dependent on                                        # of Board members divided by the #             Quarterly
the number of Board Members)                                          attending Board meetings                                                    75%          63%            47%                70%

Percent of Board making                                                The total # of Board members divided by        Semi-
Contributions                                                         the # contributing                              annually    +               90%         106%                95%          100%
FY 09 Revenue (% of total goal)                                       Total $ raised divided by revenue goal          Quarterly               $2,420,401                 $1,927,259       $2,560,939
                                                                                                                                      +                        80%
FY 09 Revenue w/out Govt. (%                                          Total amount raised divided by revenue          Quarterly
                                                                                                                                  +           $1,395,250       62%       $896,983         $1,612,796
of total goal)                                                        goal excluding government revenue

Leadership Circle Monetary                                            Total amount raised divided by revenue          Quarterly
Goals on target                                                       goal                                                            +       $   56,000      139%       $     78,000 New in 2009

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    SAMPLE DASHBOARD FOR BOARD FY09 Key Performance Indicators Second Quarter                                       Frequency   Target          Target FY09   % Target   Q2-YTD FY09         LY (FY08)
                          Report October to December                                                                Measured    status                         FY09

 Campaign Pledge fulfillment                                          Amount of total payments divided by           Quarterly
(100% of total due in 08)                                             pledge revenue due                                        +               $ 105,000      58%       $     60,478 New in 2009

FY 09 In-kind Revenue (dollar                                         Total fair market value of items donated      Quarterly
amount)                                                               divided by in-kind goal                                               +
                                                                                                                                                  167,300      50%           $82,780        New in 2009

 Retention of 80% of donors                                           Total unduplicated donors in FY09             Semi-
(2,334 in FY08)                                                       divided by FY 08 donors                       annually                         1,867     43%                797       New in 2009

 Expand Donor Pool by 25%                                             Total of new donors in FY09                   Semi-
(2,334 in FY 08)                                                                                                    annually        +                  584     86%                449       New in 2009

Increase Average Gift for                                             Total revenue divided # of donations          Semi-
Appeals by 15% (FY 08 128)                                                                                          annually        +                  147    147%                198       New in 2009

Percent of positive Client                                             The total # of questions from completed       Semi-
Satisfaction Surveys across Core                                      client satisfaction surveys divided by # of   annually
Programs (Family home,                                                questions with ratings from good to                               +              85%    116%                99%               97%
Safehouse)                                                            excellent

 Increase the numbers of families in crisis who achieve stability from immediate shelter
 Nonprofit stabilizes 75                                   The total # of households that enter                     Quarterly
households by providing safe,                             shelter programs from homelessness                                        +
stable, therapeutic group                                 and/or DV                                                                                     75     60%                     45             63
residential housing

                                                           and move to stable housing.
 Increase the numbers of families in shelter who achieve stability from the transition to stable housing.
 81 households (90% of all                                 # of households who reach one or more       Quarterly
clients served in shelter and/or                          milestone under Goal 1 of Freddie Mac
HomeStart programs) will obtain                           measures (in areas of employment,                                         +
added skills toward greater                               financial, housing, and other independent                                                                      86% of 45
independence during their                                 skill building steps taken by clients).                                                 90% HH       96%                                    78
participation in programs

 24 families (60 children)                                            Total # of households that enter the          Quarterly
transition from temporary/shelter                                     HomeStart Program                                         +
housing to HomeStart to continue
                                                                                                                                                        24     96%                 23                 28
progress toward long-term

 3 families and 3 single women                                         # of households that enter next-step         Quarterly
enroll in next-step housing                                           housing programs (supportive housing,
programs (other than HomeStart)                                       AACH, next-step shelters, etc.) to                            +                     6    50%                     3             8%
to continue their progress toward                                     continue steps toward long term housing
long term independence                                                OTHER THAN HomeStart.

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    SAMPLE DASHBOARD FOR BOARD FY09 Key Performance Indicators Second Quarter                                        Frequency   Target   Target FY09   % Target   Q2-YTD FY09    LY (FY08)
                          Report October to December                                                                 Measured    status                  FY09

 Households served in shelter                                          # households departing all programs that Quarterly
and/or HomeStart programs                                             secure housing that is safe from DV/threat                 +
                                                                                                                                                                     75% of
secure safe, stable housing                                           of homelessness and is not
                                                                                                                                                 75%    100%        departing               77
where they can remain long-term.                                      temporary/short term divided by total
                                                                      number of all departing households this
                                                                      quarter.                                                   +
Strengthen Families
 Parents demonstrate and                                              # of families who are recorded in file         Quarterly
regularly implement positive                                          notes who implement positive parenting                     +
parenting skills                                                      skills (see comment for detail) while in                                   90%    101%          91%                64
                                                                      program divided by total # families served
                                                                      this quarter.
 Children remain in one school or                                     # of children in school or childcare that is   Quarterly
child care where they can be                                          determined safe and stable by staff/parent                 +                                 100% school
stable/safe OR advance to a                                           AND # children who advance to more                                                            enrollment;
more stable/secure school or                                          safe/stable school/child care while in                                   100%     100%         81% child    55 families
child care                                                            program divided by total number children                                                         care
                                                                      served.                                                                                       enrollment

 % of families have no founded                                         # of families with founded cases of           Quarterly
reports of child abuse and/or                                         abuse/neglect by participating parent                      +
neglect.                                                              (while participating in programs) divided                                  90%    107%          96%               83%
                                                                      by total # families served.

 % Parents demonstrate routine                                         # of parents with documented                  Quarterly
parental involvement in children's                                    collaboration with children's schools                      +
schools and/or child care                                             and/or child care providers, parent                                   85%         114%         96.50%        99%
provider.                                                             reports, and staff observations in file that
                                                                      shows parent involvement.
 Enhance Financial Stability                                                                                                                                            -
HomeStart families accumulate                                          # of HS households meeting 10 or more         Semi-
wealth an average of                                                  criteria in Wealth Accumulation Chart (to      annually
$30,000/year/household toward                                         arrive at estimated $ accrued by family),
                                                                                                                                          $30,000        84%        $25,200        94%
greater stability                                                     totaled to $ accumulated across clients
                                                                      then divided by number of HS households
                                                                      who fully participated in FIT.
 Safehouse and Family Home                                             # of shelter households meeting 8 or          Semi-
families accumulate wealth an                                         more criteria in Wealth Accumulation           annually
average of                                                            Chart (to arrive at estimated $ accrued by
                                                                                                                                          $20,000        65%         13,000       $31,174
$20,000/year/household toward                                         family), totaled to $ accumulated across
greater stability                                                     clients then divided by number of shelter
                                                                      households who fully participated in FIT.
Court Advocacy                                                                                                                                                                -
Clients Served                                                         # of clients (adults and children impacted    Quarterly
                                                                      by service) receiving Court Advocate                                       450     49%                      $21,770
                                                                      services                                                                                              219
Petitions                                                              Total # of petitions granted to households    Quarterly
                                                                      served by Court Advocacy program                               +
                                                                                                                                                 225     51%                             354
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    SAMPLE DASHBOARD FOR BOARD FY09 Key Performance Indicators Second Quarter                                    Frequency   Target   Target FY09   % Target   Q2-YTD FY09   LY (FY08)
                          Report October to December                                                             Measured    status                  FY09

Dinner w/Friends                                                                                                                                                         -
# of Units of Client Service                                           Total # of times a person (adults and     Quarterly
                                                                      children) attends Dinner With Friends
                                                                      groups (total attendance).                                             375     60%          226              316

% of Client Satisfaction Surveys                                      Client Satisfaction Surveys that respond   Quarterly
with positive ratings                                                 "good" or "excellent" in response to                   +
                                                                      questions about Dinner with Friends
                                                                      groups divided by total survey responses                          85%         106%          90%              401
                                                                      that pertain to Dinner with Friends.


      target reached or surpassed         reserved for end of fiscal year or items no more activity needed                   +                        +

                         on track                                                                                            +

            monitor performance                                                                                              0

                 underperforming                                                                                             -

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                                                             Final Fiscal Year 2008 Dashboard Report

       Executive Director's Comments

     Notable Items Since November 2008
     November and December exceptional months for public relations (several media hits with
   1 NRP, etc.) most reflective of our concerns about funding, particularly Freddie Mac.

      Fortunately, our full $300k Freddie Mac funding came through December 22 and our end of
   2 the year appeal also exceeded its target.

     We made it to the second round of competition for an Award for Excellence in Nonprofit
   3 Management…..

   4 Developed new Corporate Leadership Giving Program
   5 Exceeded annual targets for membership in Leadership Giving Program
   6 Explored potential for a office/residential building opportunity
   7 Secured 30th Anniversary Honarary Chair
   8 Mapped out themes, materials and activities for 30th Annivesary Year
   9 Held Legislative Breakfast with local state delegation

  10 Held successful Crate and Barrel event -- great attendance although fell short of revenue

       Held special celebration event
       Special Projects
   2   Progress on Agency's Strategic Plan             +
   3    Partnership to buy 5 aprtmts                   +
   4   Development of Client Database                  +
   5   Project Peace                                   -
   7   Launching Donor Stewardship Program             +
   8   Safehouse Kennel Project                        0
  11   30th Anniversaray Spring Benefit                0
  13   Emergency Preparedness Plan                     0
  14   Staff Retention/Developent Planning             0

       Improvement Plans from First Page Dashboard items
       Finance: Months of invested reserves will be addressed in the agency's emergency preparedness plan which will be underdevelopment in FY09. Concern target
       set to high given growth of agency budget from when target originally set.

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