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									The elements of ladies' white tie attire

According to rules of etiquette and attire, ladies must wear a ball gown to events
where men are required to wear white tie attire. The elements of ladies' white tie attire
could include:

ball gown - ballerina (to the ankle) or full-length (to the floor)

dancing shoes - formal pumps, sandals, flats or ballet slippers

jewellery - earrings and necklace; rings and bracelets are optional. A watch is not
considered appropriate except for jeweled versions in which the face is covered so
that it resembles a bracelet.

gloves - if worn, should be opera length

stole, cape or cloak, or an opera coat

handbag - clutch style or small evening bag


state decorations - if specified on invitation; worn on a bow pinned to the chest

tiaras - If married and the event does not take place in a hotel.


For their debuts, debutantes wear long white ball gowns. They also wear long white
leather gloves that go well above the elbow and that close with small pearl buttons at
the wrist. Their jewellery is understated and suitable for a young lady about to be
formally presented to society for the first time.

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