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									Object Codes – Controlled Property
  Controlled assets are property classes that the Comptroller requires agencies to report to the State Property Accounting System.
The list below includes the items the Comptroller requires agencies to report to State Property Accounting System. Your agency should
have an internal review to make sure you know who has these items and where they are at all times. (Controlled items should not be
reported in the Capital Assets section of your Annual Financial Report (AFR) and are not depreciated.)

Controlled (at any cost)

 Object Code                     Property Item                                             More Description
     5775        Hand Guns                                        All Hand Guns
     5775        Rifles                                           All Rifles

Controlled ( $500.00 - $4,999.99)

 Object Code                     Property Item                                             More Description
     5780        Stereo Systems                                   Stereo Systems
     5781        Cameras                                          Cameras &Digital Cameras
     5782        VCR’s & Televisions                              VCR’s, Televisions, DVD, Camcorders
     5787        Computers; Data Projectors                       Desktop & Laptop Computers; Digital Projectors (used with computer)
     5788        Printers                                         Non-portable
Object Codes – Capitalized Property
  Capital assets are fixed or movable tangible assets to be used for operations, the benefits of which extend beyond one year
from date of acquisition and rendered into service. Costs of extended warranties and/or maintenance agreements, which
can be separately identified from the cost of the equipment, should not be capitalized. However, costs for shipping
and installation may be included.

  If a single unit's acquisition cost is $5,000 or greater, that item should be reported to State Property Accounting System as
a capitalized item

  Only capitalized items are included in the Capital Assets portion of your Annual Financial Report (AFR) and are
depreciated over their estimated useful life. (Please Note: If a capitalized item is sold or cannibalized before the end of its
estimated useful life, then the University may have to report a ‘Loss’ on its Annual Financial Report.)

Capital (Over $5,000)

 Object Code                        Property Item                                                           More Description
      8410        Motor Vehicles – Passenger Car                       Mini-Vans, Cars, Full Size Vans
      8415        Motor Vehicles – Other                               Trucks, SUVs, Buses, Golf Carts, Motorcycles, Trailers, All terrain
      8420        Classroom Teaching Equipment                         Lecturns, Chalkboards, Globes, Stands, Gym Equipment, Hurdles
      8421        Office Furnishings and Equipment                     Bookcases, Cradenzas, Cabinets, Desks,
      8422        Medical, Scientific, and Laboratory Equipment
                                                                       Oscilloscopes, Spectophotometers, Cetrifuges, Chromatographs, All Med/Sci/Lab equipment
      8423        Artifacts/Historical Treasures                       Works of Art, Collections
      8424        Other Institutional Furnishings and Equipment        Printing Machines,Projectors, Stereo Syst, Cameras, TV, VCR, DVD, Camcorder, GPS Equipment,
                                                                       Hand Guns, Rifles, Appliances
      8425        Shop and Industrial Equipment                        Wagons, Conveyer Syst, Tractors, Machinery, Drills, Gin Mach., Grinders, Lathes, Milling,
                                                                       Forklifts, Saws, Lifts, Shears, Textile Tools
      8426        Marine Equipment                                     Dept Finders, Buoys, Radar
      8430        Aircraft                                             Helicopter, Jet, All Aircraft
      8435        Computer Equipment                                   Servers, Desktops, Laptops, Drives, Printers, Scanner, Smartboards, Monitors, Docking Station,
                                                                       Rack, Shelving, Chassis, Mainframe
      8440        Software, no license agreements or upgrades          All Software
      8445        Telecom Equipment                                    Call Distributors, Fax Machines, TTVN Equipment, Teletypes
      8455        Purchase of Boats                                    Boats, Boat Motors & Accessories, Ferries, Canoes

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