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Master Fee Protection Agreement by aguilepino

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Irrevocable Master Fee Protection Agreement

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IRREVOCABLE MASTER FEE PROTECTION AGREEMENT Contract: __________ By and between __________________________ hereinafter THE CLIENT, and { YOUR ENTERPRISE } hereinafter THE PAYMASTER: Client’s Name: Fax Number: Commodity / Instrument: Delivery: Address: Title: Quantity: Price Basis: Phone Number: eMail: Contract Duration: Contract Value:

1) OBJECT OF THE FEE PROTECTION AGREEMENT This Fee Protection Agreement, hereinafter identified as FPA is issued by the PAYMASTER involved in the negotiation of the Commodity/ Banking Instrument identified above and in the content of this Contract. 2) COMMISSION Commission payments will be made after the delivery, the effective payment and the value date for each transaction, as agreed between THE CLIENT and the PAYMASTERS. The commission will be paid to the beneficiary Paymaster named in the FPA for all contracted quantity including all extensions and rollovers of the investing programs (if applicable) by program basis as per the following proceeds. a) The entitlements herein specified will be transferred in full compliance with SWIFT protocols, as amended, in favor of the paymaster herein been named. b) Payable automatically, upon payment for each and every value date of the transactions, by swift wire transfer. c) The payments will be made without protest, delay, or deductions (other than normal Bank wire transfer fees). d) The entitlement under this FPA covers the entire transaction identified and defined herein including all extensions and rollovers. 3) IRREVOCABLY COMMITMENT I, the undersigned representing { YOUR ENTERPRISE }, with full corporate authority and legal responsibility, under penalty of perjury, on behalf of THE CLIENT, acting as a Paymaster do hereby
1/3 { YOUR ENTERPRISE } THE CLIENT Aguilera Pino & Asociados

irrevocably and conditionally undertake to pay the commission specified in this FPA in United States Dollars / Euros, in favor of the Beneficiary´s Paymaster named herein. A commission of $ / Eur ______________ equivalent of the fixed revenue rate product of the profits of the transactions / financial programs, will be paid to the Beneficiary´s CLIENT. The said commission becomes payable if the referenced transaction has successfully been concluded and the payment of the transactions has been made by the Exit Buyer in favor of the undersigned in respect of each and every banking / financial instrument that has been negotiated. 4) RESPONSIBILITY OF THE PAYMASTER The responsibility of the PAYMASTER is limited to the effective transfer of the entitlement to the paymaster banking account whenever the banking / financial instrument that has been negotiated has been paid by the Exit Buyer and to the observances of the best practices and regulations of the financial market. 5) CLIENT’S BANKING INFORMATION Bank Name: Country: Swift Code: Address: Account Name: Telephone / eMail: Commission ($/Eur): Account Number: Fax Number:

6) CLIENT BENEFICIARY’S BANKING INFORMATION Beneficiary’s Name: Fax Number: Bank Name: Account Number: Amount ($/Eur): Contact Person: Bank Address: SWIFT Code : Phone Number: Title: Bank Officer: eMail :

7) TERM The term of this FPA shall be a period not to exceed the duration of the Master contract stated above. This FPA shall remain effective until payment in full is completed, at which time any and all contractual agreements between THE CLIENT and { YOUR ENTERPRISE } shall cease.

2/3 { YOUR ENTERPRISE } THE CLIENT Aguilera Pino & Asociados

8) NON CIRCUMVENTION The signatories of this FPA hereby irrevocably agree and accept for their agents, brokers, principles and other related parties to maintain confidentiality, not to disclose, to protect and preserve information relating to the current transaction(s), pending or future transaction(s), including but not limited to, investor names and information, payment of fees, commissions or any form of payment. The signatories of this FPA further agree to not circumvent, avoid or bypass the other, directly or indirectly in any way with regard to dealings, including but not limited to, any specific projects, loans or other transactions involving any products or services, that either may have in regard to prospective purchasers introduced or presented by either party to this Fee Agreement. This noncircumvention shall include, but not be limited to, the terms of this FPA, any additions, renewals, extensions, rollover amendments, re-negotiations, new contracts, parallel contracts or agreements, or any third party assignment thereof. This noncircumvention shall remain in force for a period of three (3) years after the parties have concluded active discussions. This FPA and any dispute who might be arise, will be duly conducted as the description stated below regarding Jurisdiction and Arbitration clauses. 9) PROOF OF DOCUMENTS Signed facsimile or E-mail transmissions of this FPA shall be considered an original of the document and shall have the same effect and force as signed hardcopy originals of the Fee Agreement and shall be binding and legally enforceable as any full recourse commercial contract. The Parties agree that this annex signed and sealed copies of this Fee Protection Agreement will be in full force and effect. Effective date of this Fee Protection Agreement: ___________________



_____________________________ XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

_____________________________ { YOUR ENTERPRISE }

3/3 { YOUR ENTERPRISE } THE CLIENT Aguilera Pino & Asociados

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