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									                      Campaign Finance & Practices
                                        for Candidates & Political Committees

                                                        What you need
                                                        to know about
                                                      campaign materials

         What are election or                       What other information is required?                                 Clean Campaign Act
         campaign materials?
                                                  If a candidate’s election is partisan, the communi-      The “Clean Campaign Act” of 2007 requires
Campaign materials are communications             cation must state the candidate’s party affiliation      candidates and committees supporting
that advocate the success or defeat of            or include the party symbol. The affiliation may be      candidates to provide an opponent with
a candidate, political party or ballot issue.     identified in the body of the communication or in        copies of campaign advertising that is
They include TV or radio, newspapers,             the disclaimer.                                          intended to be distributed within the 10 days
billboards, direct mail (brochures, postcards),                                                            prior to an election. The copies must be
posters, bumper stickers, yard signs and                                                                   provided at the time the material is
                                                  Where should the disclaimer be placed?                   published, broadcast, disseminated, or
                                                                                                           otherwise made available to the public. The
                                                  The communications materials must clearly and
                                                                                                           law applies to any campaign advertising in
                                                  conspicuously state the disclaimer. In the case of
        What is a disclaimer?                                                                              print or broadcast media.
                                                  a message on TV or radio, the disclaimer should
                                                  state: “Paid for by Smith for Senate, PO Box 292         The requirement does not apply if
A disclaimer is the identity of the person who    Helena 59604.” For print media, the disclaimer is
has paid for the election/campaign materials.                                                              1. identical material was already published
                                                  usually placed at the bottom of the communica-               or broadcast, or
                                                  tion. On yard signs, billboards and other similar
                                                  materials, the disclaimer must be placed on the          2. the material does not identify or mention
 What should the disclaimer say?                  front of the materials, and must be large enough             the opposing candidate.
                                                  to be clear and conspicuous—e.g., 1/4 inch tall
Political candidates must include the name
and complete mailing address of the
                                                  (24 point) letters on yard signs and 1/2 inch tall (48         Election material containing
                                                  point) letters on highway signs.
candidate or the candidate’s campaign.                                                                            information about another
Example:                                                                                                           candidate’s voting record
                                                    What if my campaign material is too
      Paid for by Frank Smith
      PO Box 292                                      small to include a disclaimer?                       This material must include:
      Helena MT 59604                                                                                      1. a reference to the particular vote or
      OR                                          If the material is too small, you must file a copy
                                                                                                              votes upon which the information is
      Paid for by Smith for Senate                with the Commissioner of Political Practices,
      PO Box 292 Helena MT 59604                  together with the required disclaimer information,
                                                  at the time of publication or dissemination.             2. the disclosure of contrasting votes by the
The candidate’s campaign treasurer may be                                                                     candidate on the same issue, if closely
included, but is not required.                                                                                related
                                                            What if I unintentionally
Political committees, such as political action                                                             3. a verification statement that affirms, to
committees, political party committees, and                 omitted the disclaimer?                           the best of the signer’s knowledge, the
ballot issue committees, must include the                                                                     information supplied about the
name of the committee treasurer, as well as       Upon discovery of the omission, the person
                                                                                                              candidate’s voting record is accurate
the mailing address of either the committee       financing the communication must notify the
                                                                                                              and true.
or the committee treasurer. Example:              Commissioner of Political Practices within five days
                                                  and make every reasonable effort to bring the            If election material is prepared for a
      Paid for by Support our Schools             material into compliance. No dissemination                              1205 Eighth Ave.
                                                                                                           candidate, that candidate must sign the
      Linda Evans, treasurer                      should be made of material that is not in                               P.O. Box
                                                                                                           verification statement. 202401
      PO Box 350 Helena MT 59604                  compliance. (You must pull all TV, radio, newspa-                      Helena, MT 596202401
                                                                                                           If election material is not prepared for a
                                                  per ads, the posting of billboards, etc., until the                       406-444-2942
                                                                                                           candidate, the person or legal agent of the
                                                  materials have been corrected.)                                         fax the communication must
                                                                                                           person financing 406-444-1643
                                                                                                           sign the verification statement.

                                                     If you have questions regarding the laws or
                                                     rules governing campaign finance and
                                                     practices, please contact the office of the

                                                     Commissioner of Political Practices
                                                                  1205 Eighth Ave                          This guide is a summary to help you understand the campaign
                                                                                                            finance and practices laws. For complete requirements, see
If you have questions about the laws or                            PO Box 202401                               Montana Code Annotated Title 13, Chapters 35 and 37.
rules governing campaign finance and                           Helena MT 59620-2401
practices, please contact the office of                                                                     Alternative accessible formats, and information on the
the Commissioner of Political Practices.                            406-444-2942                           cost of publishing this public document, will be furnished
                                                                                                                on request. For further information, contact the
                                                                 fax 406-444-1643
                                                                                                               Commissioner of Political Practices. January 2008

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