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					Singapore is popular for being globally connected, inter-racial and cosmopolitan city-state that offers a favorable
environment that will encourage industries to be more goal-oriented, creative and knowledge driven. With this,
more and more business enthusiasts and investors would consider Singapore as their new business location.

In response to the reputation of Singapore, Rikvin, the country’s leading corporate solutions specialist provides
visa application services with hassle-free applications. One of the most needed permits in Singapore is Singapore
entrepreneur pass.

“The EntrePass is designed to facilitate the entry and stay of entrepreneurs who are ready to start a new business
and be actively involved in the operation of the company in Singapore. The EntrePass, with an initial validity period
of one year, will be issued upon the approval of a sound business proposal. The EntrePass also allows the
immediate family members to live in Singapore while the business develops. With the EntrePass, an entrepreneur
may leave and re-enter Singapore frequently with ease. It is renewable for as long as the business remains viable,”
Rikvin said.

Moreover, Rikvin discussed the minimum requirements for EntrePass eligibility. Applicants should: incorporate a
company with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority no more than 6 months at the point of
submission of the EntrePass application; own 30%-100% of shareholding in the company; have relevant experience
and track record in creating and managing successful businesses; provide S$50,000 and above in paid-up capital for
the new company; and submit a 10-page business plan detailing business goals and objectives. Renewal of
EntrePass is contingent on achieving goals and objectives outlined in the business plan

“As of 28 Sept 2008, the EntrePass visa requirements have been changed to cater to genuine entrepreneurs
intending to use Singapore as their spring board. With these new changes, EntrePass applicants will be assessed on
their economic strengths based on contributions they can make in terms of total business spending including their
ability to employ local staff,” Rikvin added.

About the Publisher:

At Rikvin, we have been helping clients with incorporations of their businesses and work pass such as Singapore
Entrepreneur Pass applications since 1998. Our team of experts is highly experienced and we can process your
application and provide appropriate guidance so that you may avoid all the unnecessary frustration and pitfalls.
We have business plan writers on staff to help create a good business plan, which is critical factor in the approval
process for the application of your EntrePass.

As we assist you through the process, we will conduct all follow-ups and liaise with each authority on your behalf.
Even in the rare event that your application is rejected, we will have a thorough inquiry into why it was rejected so
that we can help you appeal successfully with MOM. The comprehensive services we provide can help you
simplified this lengthy and complex process, and consequently, help maximize your chance of getting an EntrePass.

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