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									Bad Breath Causes & Cures
  Concerned About Breath Control? Do you feel anxious about bad breath (called
Halitosis in medical terms)?
  You're not alone. Most people are concerned about breath odor. Nobody wants to
suffer the embarrassment of having bad breath - of being that one person everyone
avoids or whispers about.
  Tomas O'Caomhanach, author of The Bad Breath Report states, "Halitosis is one of
the most embarrassing and most annoying problems anybody can have. It interferes
with your work life, your social life, and, worst of all, it obliterates your sex life! Left
unchecked, it will destroy your relationships with family, friends, and lovers. It will
flatten your confidence and self-esteem."
  What Causes Halitosis?
  Consider these seven causitive factors... 鈥?Halitosis Causes #1 - Lack of Saliva.
Saliva is essential for breath control. Lose your saliva and your breath will suffer.
Stimulate your saliva and your breath will improve. Simple as that. Any restriction in
saliva flow will hinder your ability to control bacterial plaque and gum infection.
Without saliva, you inevitably suffer from tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath.
Dry mouth is a common condition brought on by age, illness and certain medications.
If you have problems with a dry mouth, supportive treatment and dental products can
help restore moisture and protect your teeth.
      alitosis Causes #2 - Fasting.
  Morning breath - yuck! That's the putrid taste in your mouth when you first wake up
in the morning. At night your mouth undergoes changes that contribute to increased
odor. Your saliva flow decreases and the bacteria proliferate. Without carbohydrates
for energy, those bacteria begin to metabolize proteins. That produces volatile sulfur
compounds (VSCs). The stuff that makes your breath stink. Whenever we fast, we
expose our mouth to similar conditions as when we sleep. The bacteria's altered
metabolism results in an increase of offensive odor. That 鈥檚 why your breath may
be fresh at 9am, but stale by the time noon roles around, especially after your
umpteenth cup of coffee.
       alitosis Causes #3 - Food Odor Enjoy spicy foods? Onions and garlic are
commonly mixed within many food dishes and can be detected on your breath for up
to 72 hours after digestion. Onions are absorbed by the stomach and the odour is then
excreted through the lungs. Studies have even shown that garlic rubbed on the soles of
the feet can show up later on the breath. Garlic-breath or onion-breath, though
somewhat offensive, are not serious and only temporary.
      alitosis Causes #4 - Poor Hygiene This is probably the most significant factor
regarding bad breath. There's a direct correlation between levels of bacteria in your
mouth and the severity of Halitosis you experience. Here's the formula: dirty mouth
equals stinky breath. A cleaner mouth will have less odor and for most people that's
motivation enough to keep everything fresh and clean. The great thing about dental
hygiene therapy and your home care is that it maintains the health of your teeth and
gums while helping your breath stay kissably fresh! Your tongue can be a source of
bad breath. The surface of your tongue is rough and can become coated with bacteria.
  When you brush your teeth, don't forget to brush your tongue!
      alitosis Causes #5 - Dental Conditions Untreated dental disease, such as tooth
decay or gum disease, can directly contribute to mouth odor. Bad breath is one of the
warning signs of gum disease. The good news is the breath odor generally disappears
once the disease has been treated.
      alitosis Causes # 6 - Medical Conditions Bad breath can be a symptom of an
underlying systemic (medical) condition. Some medical conditions result in
characteristic breath odors such as a fruity odor with diabetes. Individuals with
weakened immune systems are more vulnerable to bacterial infections such as gum
disease. Medications used to treat medical conditions can also alter the breath,
particularly those that interfere with saliva production.
      alitosis Causes #7 - Smoking, Alcohol, Coffee and Tea. Smoking along with
coffee and alcohol consumption contributes to breath malodor directly, as well as
increasing the problem of having a dry mouth. Smoking is also a very significant
causative factor in the progression of gum disease.
      ad Breath Blues Most people remain concerned about breath odour. That's why
breath control products have become such a huge industry. People are always
searching for fast, effective bad breath cures. Who 鈥檚 going to tell you your breath
is off? It's socially taboo to openly talk about it . That means your friends aren 鈥檛
likely to tell you. Even spouses are reluctant to give their mates the 鈥渘 ose news
鈥?when it comes to the delicate matter of Halitosis.
  Since no one talks about it, we 鈥檙 e never entirely sure if we have a bad breath
problem. Most of us are held in a suspended state of doubt.
      ad Breath Cures When it comes to matters of breath and the appearance of your
smile, you want more than just the relief of knowing there isn 鈥檛 a hidden problem.
You want that total confidence of fresh breath and a terrific smile in every situation,
every conversation.
  The secret to having fresh breath is to establish supportive routines and rituals.
Develop daily routines to help ensure your breath does not become a hidden problem.
Keep up with your regular dental checkups. Come see us at an appropriate interval.
Your hygienist can help you keep your breath kissably-fresh!
  Five HOT Tips on Keeping Your Breath COOL ...
  Here are some quick tips for bad breath control:
      ad Breath Cure #1 - Drink plenty of water. A quick swish and a few swigs can
make a big difference in staying fresh throughout the day. Follow up that cup of java
with a drink of clean, clear water (keeps your teeth whiter too).
      ad Breath Cure #2 - Brush & floss. Do what your mama told you (and your
hygienist too). Keep your teeth and gums sparkling clean to stay healthy and fresh.
      ad Breath Cure #3 - Eat nutritious foods. Consume plenty of vegetables and
fresh fruit. Limit sweets since refined sugars will feed the bacteria within your mouth.
Try to avoid skipping meals. Take it easy with the onions and garlic. You 鈥檒 l scare
away more than vampires if you overdo it!
      ad Breath Cure #4 - Find a breath buddy. Find someone you can trust to keep
you informed of your breath status. Confirmation will help your confidence.
     ad Breath Cure #5 - Visit the dentist. If you need a Fresh Breath Dentist, call us
today. Royal York Dental has experienced Toronto Dentists in Etobicoke to take care
of your needs.

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