Back Pain Treatment - 10 Tips for Back Pain Relief

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					Back pain causes a lot of stress and it can also be debilitating. This can be due to
unhealthy living or environmental reasons. Many people especially older ones search
for native and fast Back Pain Treatment. Well, do not fret because here are some of
the many ways and tips on how to cure pain in the back.
 Tip 1 ? Proper diet
 This applies in obese and older people. Maintaining a healthy diet may lessen or
even stop back pain. Eat the right kind of food like fruits and vegetables are good
because it contains lots of nutrients that help protect our muscles and bones.
 Tip 2 ? Relax and rest
 To take back pain away, rest your back in a proper position. Relax in a sleeping
position with your back resting on a flat surface. Add a pillow under your knees to
promote blood circulation and alleviating pain on the back.
 Tip 3 ? Exercise
 Exercising everyday may take away the pain felt on the back. You can have stretches
or simply move your hips in a circular motion to attain body flexibility. Here are some
recommended exercises to treat back pain.
 ? Knee chest exercise ? Lumbar extension ? Pelvic tilt exercise ? Lower            trunk
rotation exercise ? Bridge
 Tip 4 ? Acupressure
 This technique has been practiced in China since the ancient times. Fine needles are
inserted on certain chi points in the body where the pain occurs.
 Tip 5 ? Massage
 Massage is an option for back pain treatment wherein the person having this is
usually satisfied. Sometimes, the cause of back pain is only a strain in the muscles
that is why many individuals opted for this kind of treatment.
 Tip 6 ? Herbal remedies
 Herbal remedies are also an effective way to treat back pain. These can be used as
topical creams or plain. Make sure that these herbal medicines are FDA approved
before it is safe to use. Here are some herbal medicines that can be used.
 ? Capsaicin cream ? Eucalyptus cream ? Mentholated herbal creams ? Willow
bark ? Devil?s claw
 Tip 7 ? Yoga
 Yoga is a type of exercise that focuses on the flexibility of the bones and muscles to
relieve back pain. Individuals who try Yoga release their stress and pains in the body
including the back.
 Tip 8 ? Chiropractic Therapy
 Chiropractic therapy is a non surgical treatment that allows the spine to be properly
aligned to treat pain at the lower part of the body. Manipulation in the specific parts of
the spine is done by a professional Chiropractor.
 Tip 9 ? Over the Counter Medication
 There are over the counter medicines that can be purchased to prevent back pain.
These medicines can be anti-inflammatory, pain reliever, or deep heating topical
creams. These medicines can be temporary remedy because it lasts for hours only.
 Tip 10 ? Heat and cold therapy
 Heat and cold therapy may also help in reducing the inflammation and spasms of the
muscles including back pain. Heat pads or ice packs can be used to treat the pain.
 These ten tips are effective if done correctly. The best idea here is to consult medical
experts to properly diagnose back pain.

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