Avocado for Acne by gyvwpgjmtx


									No one is too old to have acne. Everybody gets to experience the bad feeling of
having acne breakout. Of course, no one would ever want to have this acne as a
dilemma for a long time. It is more than having your skin damaged but it is about the
way it can affect you emotionally and socially. The relationship that you would avoid
or get insecure of because of lack of self-esteem would be the major effect that acne
can give a person. However, as it is in every belief, if there is a problem, there will
always be a solution. Your resort would not be about buying the most expensive Acne
Removal available in the market but having an Acne remedy that will surely make
your face clear of acne.
  Why should I use avocado?
  Avocado has a lot of vitamins and necessary content good for the skin. it has been
long heard as a mythical belief that avocado can trigger the production of acne.
However, this is the exact opposite of what is true. Avocado has essential oil that can
penetrate to deep pores to unclog it from different dirt. Avocado has good fats that are
ideal to help the skin look better and clearer from acne. Its oil can be used even for the
worse cases of acne.
  What should I do to avocado?
  To have the oil of avocado, what you can do is to blend the avocado and have the
flesh inside a clean cloth. Extract the blended flesh using the cloth and let the fluid
flow into a container. After this, you can let the fluid be in that container. The oil of
the avocado will eventually float. Get a spoon and get the oil from the blended fruit.
Use the oil on your face and let it be there for about an hour. Mildly massage your
face with the oil. You can see the improvement of your acne problem by consistent
  Additional Tips
  Use lukewarm water in rinsing your face. After which, you can use your facial wash
to remove the greasy feeling.

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