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Auto Insurance for Travelers to Mexico by gyvwpgjmtx


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Many people feel that they have sufficient auto insurance coverage because they meet
the minimum liability requirement of the state. In Mexico, the government set a
different requirement for the vehicles from the United States.
There are two types of auto insurance for Mexico travelers including combined single
and split limit coverages. The combined single limit coverage will pay for the
property damage and bodily injuries. For example, if you purchase combined single
limit coverage that worth $100,000, the amount will be used to cover the personal
property and medical costs if you encounter with an accident in Mexico. The
combined single limit coverage is the most demanded auto insurance by Mexico
The split limit coverage offers different coverage amount for different coverages. It is
written in three numbers, for example, 10/20/40. The first number represents the
coverage for property damage; the second number offers coverage for the personal
injury. The third number is the limit of coverage awarded per person if multiple
individuals are involved in the accident.
Split coverage is cheaper compare to the combined single limit coverage. It is
recommended that you buy the combined single limit coverage so that you won’t have
to pay the damage cost yourself in the event of an accident. Since split coverage has a
smaller limit, there is a high possibility that it won’t be sufficient to cover the damage.
Some comprehensive coverage policies offer protection for the car within a distance
away from Mexico. Most policies only offer coverage for as far as 10 miles from the
Mexican border. It is possible to purchase the auto insurance while at the border.
However, if you shop online for the auto insurance, you can save more money.
Driving without car insurance is considered a crime in Mexico. If you get involved in
an accident, the police will investigate on the case to find out who is at fault. While
investigating the case, the police will check if your car is insured. If your car is not
insured, you will be taken into custody and be imprisoned. If you want to be released
from the jail, you have to post a bond. In addition, you have to pay for the property
damages and medical cost of the other party.
Many auto insurance companies offer six to twelve months policies. Some companies
offer special insurance plans that are designed from tourist. When shopping for
Mexico auto insurance, make sure you check the benefits that are included in the
policy. The auto insurance you apply for should offer coverage for legal services and
return home air ticket. The return home air ticket offers you a free trip to your home
country in case you fell ill during the trip.
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