Astonishing- Explosion of Laptop Battery

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					The possibility of the laptop battery is equal to that of the car explosion, or even less.
Thus, there did some cases happening. Although ita€?s rare to see battery explosion,
that is not exaggeration and warning to those carless people, when they make full use
of their laptop. as one of my friend leave his HP 371790-001 AC Adapter in hot
condition. I always worried about his computer.
  We should be relaxed that even if the laptop battery fires, explosion will not harm us.
This is because we use the direct 220v power supply. The battery is in suspension
status, when unplugging. Even if your battery is going to explode, your laptop is on
strike. Or at least, you will see the smoke or certain smell coming from your laptop.
That is kind of warning when you see these condition. So leta€?s have a look of how
the battery works. Lithium-ion battery contains pressure vessels, including a metal
coil elements and some flammable liquid lithium, it will produce a small number
floating in the liquid metal. To prevent short circuits, lithium-ion batteries will be
placed in a separate plate, positive and negative forces will not touch. If the
temperature of the battery is overheating, the liquid metal will flow around, if the
metal plate with isolation too close, it will pierce the isolation plate, causing the
battery short circuit. Short circuit occurs under three conditions: 1. Circuits have spark
and will ignite flammable liquids, then battery fires; 2. The battery temperature is
rapidly rising; 3. if the battery temperature increases slowly, the battery will melt and
leak flammable liquid inside .
  Battery problem came out in recent years, because the portable laptop requires
thinner and lighter battery which causes the laptop battery is not so qualified for long
time using. You can see that the best way to avoid this situation is to control the
temperature of the battery.

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