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					AC Asbestos Cement sheets pose a high health risk when they are in poor condition,
broken, damaged or unpainted.
  If your home is more than 25 years old it is likely that your home contains asbestos
cement sheeting, commonly referred to as fibro.
  -You can find asbestos cement sheeting in your external walls, eaves & roof
  -Internally majority of bathroom & laundry walls are also lined with asbestos cement
sheeting. Other walls may also contain asbestos cement sheeting
  -Other areas of the home that asbestos may be found in:
  -asbestos cement sheeted garages, sheds, fences, vinyl floor
  Roughly thirty percent of buildings contain some form of asbestos. In regards to
bonded asbestos such as asbestos cement sheeting, a high health risk arises when the
sheets are damaged, eroded or in poor condition.
  If you do not know the condition of your asbestos cement sheeting then you can get
an asbestos report done by a licensed asbestos contractor, which will outline all areas
containing asbestos, the condition of the area, the health risks associated with the
asbestos and the required course of action.
  Many homes & garages contain corrugated asbestos cement roof sheeting that is in
poor condition, i.e. unpainted, weather damaged, eroded. Action is a must in these
cases, and a licensed asbestos removal contractor should be contacted.
  The Occupational Health and Safety Regulation
  2001 (Regulation) outlines the following specific requirements for asbestos:
  Chapter 4, clauses 43 and 44 - Risk assessment, control and asbestos register
  -the controller of premises must identify any foreseeable hazards and control them.
An asbestos register and exposure standards must be kept.
  Chapter 6, clauses 169 and 170 鈥?Carcinogenic substances (health surveillance
  -for employers the use of asbestos in the form of chrysotile, crocidolite, amosite,
fibrous anthophyllite, tremolite or actinolite are prohibited except for the purpose of
sampling or analysis, maintenance, removal, disposal, encapsulation or enclosure and
any potential exposure must be recorded and advice given to the employee.
  Chapter 8 鈥?Asbestos in construction
  -specific conditions for asbestos work on construction sites and prohibition on the
reuse of asbestos products or water blasting asbestos products.
  Chapter 10 鈥?Licence requirements
  -the requirements for licensing bonded and friable asbestos removalists; from 1
January 2008, a licence is required to remove more than 10 square metres of bonded
asbestos material.
  Chapter 11 鈥?Permit applications
  -permits for friable asbestos removal work.
  Chapter 12 鈥?Notification of work
  -notification of bonded asbestos removal work; exemption requirements for naturally
occurring asbestos.
  The regulation does not allow the use, reuse or sale of any asbestos product.
 For     more       information     see     the     WorkCover        NSW       site:
 To obtain unbiased information about asbestos REMOVAL there are several
government run sites which provide everything you will need to know about asbestos.

  Fibro and Asbestos - A Renovator and Homeowner's Guide to Asbestos Removal
(The NSW Government has developed some practical information specifically for
renovators and homeowners working with fibro and asbestos....)
  Workcover NSW - Asbestos Removal Sydney & NSW (Bonded asbestos is produced
when asbestos fibres are bonded to another material, such as a cement or resin
  The asbestos Diseases Foundation of Australia (Our aim is to reduce the number of
people exposed to asbestos and future incidence of asbestos related disease in the
Australian community...)
  Safe Work Australia (Safe Work Australia reports an increase in mortality due to
  Dust Diseases Board of Australia (The Workers' Compensation (Dust Diseases) Act
1942 provides compensation for the following diseases: Aluminosis, Asbestosis,
Asbestos induced carcinoma, Asbestos related pleural disease (ARPD), Bagassosis,
Berylliosis, Byssinosis, Farmers' Lung, Hard Metal Pneumoconiosis Mesothelioma,
Silicosis, Silico-tuberculosis...)
  For more information please visit:
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