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					                             Eastex Australian Shepherd Club’s Annual

        Sweetheart Classic 
     All-Breed CERF & Aussie Cataract Gene Test Clinics
                     February 13-15, 2009
Louis Pearce Pavilion, George Bush Dr., College Station, Texas
                              ** RAFFLE! RAFFLE! RAFFLE! **
                                    Schedule of Events
DATE/TIMES                    EVENTS                   JUDGES &                           SHOW               REGISTRATION
                                                       OPTHALMOLOGIST                     SECRETARIES        TIMES
Friday, Feb. 13               Conformation—            Regular Classes—                   Billie Moga        5:30 – 6:30 PM
7:00 PM                       Aussies only             Melinda Gann, ASCA Senior
                                                       Breeder Judge
                                                       Non-Regular Classes--
                                                       Andrea Torres, ASCA Non-
                                                       Regular Breeder Judge
Saturday, Feb. 14             All Breed                James Merchant, AKC                Gail               7:30 – 8:30 AM
9:00 AM                       Obedience—Trial 1        Obedience Judge                    Karamalegos
Saturday, Feb. 14             Conformation—            Rick Gann, ASCA Senior             Mari Jo Sharer     8:30 – 9:30 AM
10:00 AM (If high entry,      Aussies only             Breeder Judge
break for lunch at judge
Saturday, Feb. 14             ALL-BREED                Nicholas J. Millichamp,            Leona Stabler      PRE-REGIS-
11:00 AM                      EYE CERF CLINIC          BvetMed, PhD, MRCVS                                   TRATION ONLY

All weekend—check             Aussie Cataract          N/A                                Gail               N/A
with Gail K.                  Gene Test Clinic                                            Karamalegos
Saturday, Feb. 14             All Breed ASCA           James Merchant, AKC                Bonnie Ranney      12:00 – 12:30 PM
1:00 PM                       Obedience—Trial 2        Obedience Judge
Saturday, Feb. 14             Conformation—            Gemi Sasson-Brickson,              Mari Jo Sharer     4:00 – 4:30 PM
5:00 PM                       Aussies only             ASCA Senior Breeder Judge
Sunday, Feb. 15               All Breed ASCA           Andrea Torres, ASCA                Gail               7:00 – 7:30 AM
8:00 AM                       Obedience—Trial 3        Obedience Judge                    Karamalegos
Sunday, Feb. 15               Conformation—            Steve Allmand, AKC Judge           Angel Spencer      9:00 – 9:30 AM
10:00 AM (If high entry,      Aussies only
break for lunch at judge
Sunday, Feb. 15               All Breed ASCA           Andrea Torres, ASCA                Gail               11:00-11:30 AM
12:00 PM                      Obedience—Trial 4        Obedience Judge                    Karamalegos

                              **This is an ASCA sanctioned event, and will be governed by the rules of the
                                               Australian Shepherd Club of America, Inc.
                       For a copy of these rules, contact: ASCA, 6091 E. SH 21, Bryan, TX 77808, 979-778-1082.
                       Show rules for obedience and conformation can be viewed online at

     Lunch will be available at the Pavilion on Saturday. Please send lunch reservations to no later than noon, Thursday, Feb. 12. Menu choices will consist
of pizza or Subway sandwiches, pickles, chips, cookies or fresh fruit, water, soda. Cost of meal
    will be $6.00, including drink, or $5.50 without a drink. Child’s meal (12 and under) $4.00.
                                     No charge for club workers!

          FRASER’S PET SUPPLY will be at the show. If you have specific items you
                      need, order ahead of time by emailing Todd at
          or calling him at 713-582-4886

     Directions to Louis Pearce Pavilion:
     From Austin-- Hwy 21 to Bryan. As you're coming into Bryan, turn RIGHT onto FM 2818 (Harvey Mitchell Parkway). Stay on 2818 all
     the way to College Station, and turn LEFT onto George Bush Dr. The pavilion will be on the RIGHT about 1/3 mile.
     From Houston-- Hwy 290 west to Hempstead. Turn RIGHT onto Hwy 6 North. Take the "Business 6" exit (Business 6 becomes Texas
     Ave.) in College Station. Turn LEFT onto FM 2818 (Harvey Mitchell Parkway-- Walmart will be on the left). Go a couple miles on 2818,
     and turn RIGHT onto George Bush Dr. The pavilion will be on the RIGHT about 1/3 mile.
     From Dallas/Ft. Worth-- I-35 South to Waco. From Waco, take Hwy 6 south all the way to Bryan. Take the "FM 2818—Bryan Business
     Park--George Bush Library" exit, and turn RIGHT onto FM 2818 (Harvey Mitchell Parkway). Stay on 2818 all the way to College Station,
     and turn LEFT onto George Bush Dr. The pavilion will be on the RIGHT about 1/3 mile.

     Obedience Information:
1.   Long sits/downs will be done AFTER individual exercises.
2.   Bitches in season are not allowed to compete.
3.   Exhibitors competing with more than one dog in the same class who would like other dogs placed between their dogs should note this on
     the entry form.
4.   Please put jump heights in the "Open/Utility obedience Jump Heights" box on the entry form. Run order will be according to jump height.
5.   NOTE!!! FOR NON-ASCA REGISTERED DOGS: Effective 01/01/2004, each non-ASCA registered dog MUST have an ASCA
     Tracking Number issued by ASCA, to compete in any class at ASCA sanctioned Obedience Trials (Section 7, ASCA Obedience Rules).
     All dogs six (6) months and older must have an individual ASCA registration or LEP number or an ASCA tracking number to compete in
     ASCA sanctioned Obedience Trials. A dog will be allowed to compete at the trial where the handler applies for an ASCA tracking
     number—forms will be available at the registration table. Get a Tracking Number by filling out the new ASCA Tracking form for each dog In the space for registration number use whatever
     number your dog is identified with in another registry or the number you are already being tracked with by ASCA. If your dog is
     unregistered put N/A and ASCA will assign you a number. If you apply for this at the show, the handler will be issued a receipt by the
     Registration table, valid for sixty (60) days to allow the Business Office time to issue the tracking number. Photo copies or originals of
     registration or tracking number papers must be presented to the Registration Table upon request when entering ASCA sanctioned
     Obedience Trials (Section 8, Obedience Rules). This is a one-time fee of $10.00/dog. At the time of applying for the tracking number,
     the individual owner must also be an ASCA member (minimum membership type of "Service" is required). ASCA membership does not
     need to be maintained in subsequent years. If you are not an ASCA member, fill out the membership application and send it along with
     the ASCA Tracking Form, and your check made out to ASCA, to the ASCA Business Office, 6091 E. SH 21, Bryan, TX 77808.
     It will be the responsibility of the owner to identify to ASCA the shows and legs earned when applying for a
     Tracking Number for those ASCA qualifying legs earned prior to 01/01/2004, until submission of application.
6.   **CLASSES: In this order—Regular—Utility B, Utility A, Open B, Open A (Utility & Open classes will run according to jump
     height), Novice B, Novice A; Non-regular-- Graduate Novice, Sub Novice, Wild Card Novice/Open/Utility, Versatility, Brace, Veteran.
     For all Obedience rules, go to
7.   Rosettes and prizes given for High in Trial (regardless of breed), High Combined Score for Open B and Utility, High Scoring Aussie, and
     High in Trial Junior.

     Conformation Information:
1.   Junior Showmanship-- (non-regular) Peewee (3 years, to under 6 yrs) Sub-Junior (6 years, to under 8 yrs); (regular) Novice Junior
     (8-12 yrs), Open Junior (8-12 yrs), Novice Senior (13-17 yrs), Open Senior (13-17 yrs). Non-regular Peewees and Sub-Juniors will
     each receive a participant ribbon and a prize, and are not given class placements.
2.   Puppies-- (non-regular) 2-4 and 4-6 puppy classes, divided by sex. First place winners to compete for Best of Breed Puppy and Best
     Opposite Sex Puppy.
3.   Veterans—(non-regular) 7 to under 10 yrs, and 10+ yrs, divided by sex. Winners of each class to compete for Best Veteran.
4.   Altered & Intact—(regular) 6-9, 9-12, 12-18, Novice, American Bred, Bred By, Open Blue Merle, Open Red Merle, Open Black, Open
     Red, Winners Dog, Winners Bitch, Best of Breed.
5.   Exhibitors should be ringside for all classes, ready to be called in. It is the judge's discretion whether to delay a class, or to allow an
     exhibitor to enter the ring late.
6.   Rosettes are given for Best Junior, Reserve Junior, Best of Breed Puppy, Best Opposite Sex Puppy, Best Veteran, Altered/Intact Winners
     Dog/Bitch, Altered/Intact Reserve Winners Dog/Bitch; Altered/Intact Best of Breed, Best Opposite Sex and Best of Winners.

     General Information:
     has hot/cold water wash racks in the back of the pavilion.
2.   Access to the building will be after 3:00 on Friday, Feb. 13, for non-club members. People will be allowed to drive into the pavilion
     up to 4:30 to unload, but all vehicles must be removed from the arena by 5:00, at which time the big doors will be closed. Driving in will
     be permitted on Sunday after the show is over. Otherwise, be sure to bring your dolly or cart for unloading/loading through the regular
     doors. PLEASE do not prop any of the doors open after 4:30 Friday. This is not a big issue if the weather is mild, but if it’s cold, the
     heating system can’t keep the temperature at a comfortable level if the doors are continually propped open.
3.   There are plenty of electrical outlets. Please use power strips/surge protectors to help avoid tripping the breakers.
4.   DOG/PUPPY SALES ARE NOT ALLOWED. Any person found to be selling dogs on the premises will be asked to leave and not return.
5.   Puppies under the age of 2 months are prohibited from the show grounds, unless present for the eye clinic ONLY.
6.   Puppies/dogs over the age of 16 wks are required to have proof of rabies vaccination. Tags do not constitute such proof.
7.   Eastex ASC, ASCA, and Texas A & M University assume no responsibility for any loss, damage, or injury sustained by exhibitors,
     handlers, or to any of their dogs, personal property, and/or children. Children are to be supervised at all times.
8. Any handler, owner, or spectator being abusive towards a dog, exhibiting poor sportsmanship, and/or
   not picking up their dog’s poop, will be asked to leave the show site for the duration of the show
9.  Entries on NEWEST official ASCA entry forms only. Copies may be made if signed statement is on the back. No other forms
    accepted. All entries must be signed on the back. Any entry form that is not properly completed does not constitute a valid
    entry, and armband numbers will NOT be issued until the entry form is complete and correct!!! Entry forms can be filled in online
    (has ―text entry‖) at , then printed out.
10. No entry fees will be refunded. Make checks for entry fees and eye clinic registrations payable to Eastex ASC. Returned checks do not
    constitute a valid entry. There is a $25 service charge for returned checks.
11. All dogs' ages will be calculated as of day of show. Be prepared to present papers on all dogs six months of age or older. Exhibitors,
    through submission of entry, acknowledge that they are knowledgeable of ASCA rules and regulations. No entry shall be accepted which
    specifies any condition as to its acceptance.
                                ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ARE NOT TO BE CONSUMED
                                    ON THE GROUNDS DURING SHOW HOURS.

                                                ENTRY INFORMATION
                     CLASS                         PRE-ENTRY               DAY OF SHOW                        DISCOUNTS!!
         JUNIOR SHOWMANSHIP                              $5.00                      $5.00
          PUPPIES/VETERANS                               $5.00                      $8.00
        ALTERED CONFORMATION                            $10.00                     $10.00                  $35.00 all 4 Altered
                                                                                                         shows-- pre-entry only
         INTACT CONFORMATION                            $13.00                     $15.00                    $45.00 all 4 Intact
                                                                                                         shows-- pre-entry only
           REGULAR OBEDIENCE                            $13.00                     $15.00                $45.00 all 4 Obedience
                                                                                                          trials-- pre-entry only
       NON-REGULAR OBEDIENCE                             $5.00                      $8.00
                DISCOUNTS!!! Confirmation of entry will be via email!!
           Mail show/trial pre-entries ONLY (not eye clinic reservations), with checks
                                  payable to "Eastex ASC", to:
                                                           Gail Karamalegos
                                                           4405 Andert Rd.
                                                           Bryan, TX 77808

                  ASCA Entry Form with text entry (can fill out online & print) at

Hotel Information: There are other hotels in Bryan/College Station, but these 3 have been the most
courteous to our exhibitors with dogs, so please support them with your business!
     Motel 6, 2327 Texas Ave. S., College Station, TX, 800-466-8356. Daily rate of $43.99 - $55.99 + tax, depending on # of beds and
     persons. $3.00 extra per night for rooms with microfridge, but you have to ask for these rooms as they are limited. Cancellations
     accepted until Friday, Feb. 13, 6:00 p.m. NO PET FEE.

     La Quinta Inn, 607 Texas Ave., College Station, TX, 1-800-531-5900. $79.00+tax, 1-4 people, but you MUST make reservations by
     Jan. 23, and ask for the “Eastex” room block to get this discounted rate. We have blocked 15 rooms, but if all are taken, we can
     ask for more. Just contact Gail at if blocked rooms are all taken. NO PET FEE. Free continental
Ramada Inn, 1502 Texas Ave. S., College Station, TX, 979-693-9891. $79.00+tax, and higher. Pets allowed, but $15 per pet/perday
fee is required for pets in rooms. Free continental breakfast. Hotel is being sold and may be a Sheraton by Feb.

RV Information:       RV’s and travel trailers may park on the show grounds, but there are no hookups, so you must be
completely self-contained. The following RV parks are the ones closest to the show site:
Holiday RV Park, 1518 Harvey Mitchel S. Parkway, College Station, TX. 979-693-8777.
Lazy G RV Park, 16554 S. Hwy 6, College Station, TX. 979-690-8658.
College Station RV Park, 3911 F & B Rd., College Station, TX. 979-846-3694.
 Emergency Veterinary Care: Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine Small Animal Clinic
 University Drive, between Welborn Rd. & Harvey Mitchell Pkwy (FM 2818), College Station, TX
                                979-845-2351 or 979-845-9062

                                               CERF EYE CLINIC
                                        Saturday, February 14, 2009, at 11:00 AM
           Dr. Nicholas Millichamp, BVetMed, PhD, DVOphthal, MRCVS
SCHEDULE: We will attempt to schedule you for a specific time, to hopefully avoid long waits! When
you receive email confirmation of your registrations, you will be asked for 1st and 2nd choices for times
most convenient for you. Your scheduled time will then be emailed to you.
             Deadline for RECEIPT of pre-registrations is Monday, February 9, 2009!!
   EASTEX ASC CLUB MEMBERS: $25.00 per dog -- NON-CLUB MEMBERS: $27.00 per dog
                          Make checks payable to “Eastex ASC” and mail to:
                                    Leona Stabler, 7070 Rye Loop Rd., Bryan, TX 77807
                                  979-822-5715 between 8 am & 3 pm--

                               PLEASE PRE-REGISTER WITH THE FORMS BELOW

Address (street & no., city, state, zip)

Animal registered name                                                   Breed/variety                  Coat color/type

____________________________________________________________________ / ______________________________ / __________________
Registration No.              Sex        Date of Birth      Tattoo/Microchip No.        Email addy

_____________________________ / ______ / ________________ / _________________________ / _____________________________________

Address (street & no., city, state, zip)

Animal registered name                                                  Breed/variety                   Coat color/type

___________________________________________________________________ /______________________________ / ____________________
Registration No.               Sex       Date of Birth     Tattoo/Microchip No.         Email addy

_____________________________/_______/_________________/___________________________ / ____________________________________

Address (street & no., city, state, zip)

Animal registered name                                                  Breed/variety                 Coat color/type

________________________________________________________________ / ________________________________ / ______________________
Registration No.              Sex       Date of Birth      Tattoo/Microchip No.         Email addy

________________________________/________/___________________/______________________________ / __________________________________________
            Australian Shepherd Cataract Gene Test Clinic
If you plan on participating, please send an email to Gail Karamalegos at, so that
your name and # of dogs can be added to the list, and to insure there are 50 or more tests to qualify for the
lowest price. Swab kits will be provided and collected at the Eastex ASC Sweetheart Classic, Feb. 13-15, in
College Station, TX, but if you and/or your dogs are not going to be coming to the show, you can mail or hand-
deliver your swab kits so they are received by Monday, Feb. 16th. You do not need to overnight them—
standard first class mail is fine. The price will be $67.25 per test (that includes $2.00 to help pay the
shipping costs). If you have a dog that has been diagnosed with any type of cataract, AHT will do the
test for free, but you must send a copy of the CERF or exam form and a pedigree with the swabs.

                             Make your checks out to Gail Karamalegos, and mail to:

                                                     Gail Karamalegos
                                                      4405 Andert Rd.
                                                     Bryan, TX 77808
The whole batch will be shipped no later than Tuesday, Feb. 17 . It will be shipped priority, which means it will arrive in
England 2-3 days later. AHT will email your test results to you and also mail a certificate later on. Most results are within 2-
3 weeks of their receipt of the swabs, but sometimes it takes longer.

For more information about the test, go to the Animal Health Trust website at

To order your own kits, send an email to, and provide them with your complete mailing address. I
recommend that you do this ASAP, so that you have the kits on hand, but do NOT do the cheek swabs until right before
mailing them to me! The fresher the DNA, the less likely there will be any problems with the test. Make sure that you
follow the instructions that come with the swabs!! Please contact Gail at, or 979-
224-0207, for any questions and also to let her know that you plan on participating in this collection.

The Animal Health Trust, which developed the HSF4 hereditary cataract test, is continuing its research into Australian
Shepherd cataracts with a follow-up study in hope of discovering additional genetic causes of cataracts in the breed.

The previously identified mutation of the HSF4 gene is associated with most cataracts in Australian shepherds. However,
not every dog with cataracts has this mutation.

AHT is seeking additional samples from two types of dogs-those that have cataracts but do not have the mutation and dogs
over 10 years of age that have no cataracts and do not have the mutation. The latter group will serve as controls. Your dog
does not need to be DNA tested for the HSF4 mutation before it can take part in this study but you will need to provide a
copy of his/her CERF or equivalent eye report.

AHT will test any dog affected with cataracts free of charge if you provide copy of the dog's CERF or
other equivalent eye report indicating the cataracts and a pedigree.

AHT will screen the first 24 older (10+) dogs with clear eyes received. This will be first come/first serve. However, they are
willing to accept additional samples from dogs over the age of 8, but those dogs will not be genotyped immediately. Owners
would receive the results at no charge when the samples are used, which would be at an undetermined time in the future

If your dog has cataracts, or received a clear eye certificate since s/he reached 10 years of age, contact: Symone Ingram Please put ""Australian Shepherd HC Case/Control" in the subject line of your e-mail.

If your dog has clear eyes and is over the age of 8 or you have any other enquiries about the project, please e-mail Bryan
McLaughlin ( for details on how to participate in the study.

If this segment of the research proves successful AHT will launch additional hereditary cataract tests for