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Arsenal Fc Tickets-Arsenal Tickets


									Traditional colors of this club are red and white and enjoy a stunning fan following of
27 million supporters. This is the third most valuable club and cost around $1.2 billion.
Workers at Royal Arsenal started this Arsenal Football Club as Dial Square in the year
1886 in Woolwich, South-east London. In the year 1891, the club turned professional
and renamed as Woolwich Arsenal.
  In the year 1893, the club went on becoming the first southern member of Football
league. It started out in the Second Division and later on being promoted to the First
Division in the year 1904. In the year 1919, Arsenal finished off in fifth position. In
the year 1925, Herbert Chapman has been appointed as the manager of Arsenal
football Club.
  Arsenal played most of their games at Manor Ground in Plumstead. World renowned
football architect Archibald Leitch designed the original Arsenal Stadium also referred
as Highbury. During the early 90s, the stadium hold a huge occupancy of 57,000.
With stupendous fan following, Arsenal Ticketshas longest running rivalry with
Tottenham Hotspur.

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