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									                       Newsletter                                                                     Vol. 5, November 2007
                                                                 Zone Chair: Patsy Nutt             
                                                                 Editor: Sandy Johnston              360-898-3800 or

Comments from the                                                         Zone Meeting November 30
P-NUTT GALLERY                                                                    Alpine Way Retirement Apartments
                                                                                     900 Alpine Way, Shelton, WA
            I am reminded often of how important it is                        6:30 p.m. – Begin Meeting & Club Reports
            to let your club, your community, and your                     7:15 p.m. - Dessert & Coffee Social with Program
            zone know what you are doing. Lions have                                          Following
            a reputation of being the “Best Kept
            Secret”, not only from the community, but                                       Come Enjoy Desserts
            from other clubs, and even from their own                               --Diabetic Desserts Will Be Included--
            members.       For instance, I am woefully                                   (Dinner will not be available)
ignorant of what my own club does when I am absent
for a couple of meetings and am unable to attend the
board meeting.
                                                                                               RSVP by 11/26 to
My life line is the club newsletter. Here I can know if                                   Patsy Nutt at 360-402-0134
someone has been sick, what the upcoming projects                                   
are, if there are schedule changes, what fun things the
members have been doing, and usually a joke to keep                        Special thanks to Tumwater Lions for sponsoring this
my humor up. Perhaps they will even mention that I                                               meeting.
have been absent and why. They will know because                       Please plan on attending our second zone meeting of
someone has called to make sure that I am alright.                     the year, November 30. Presidents and Secretaries are
Then, I look forward to being back with my friends and                 expected to attend. All Club members are invited and
resuming my schedule.                                                  encouraged to attend. This meeting counts as a Club
                                                                       Visitation with 2 or more members attending.
That last paragraph is a dream. It is what I wish for, but it
doesn’t always happen that way.

What about your club? What do your members wish                         Congratulations to C-2 Secretaries
for? Ask your club members the best way to keep them
informed and interested, and then keep every member
                                                                                 of Excellence
in the information loop. --ZC Patsy                                          George Spencer – Olympia West Lions Club
                                                                                 Bob Thomas – Shelton Lions Club
                                                                              Marc W. Ericksen – Tumwater Lions Club
            Zone C-2 Cabinet – 2007-2008
                     As of 10/31/07
                                                                       The 2006-07 recipients of this prestigious award were
Zone Chair - Patsy Nutt; Sight First II - IPZC Ed Brend;               recently announced at the MD-19 Fall Forum in
Leadership Education - PZC Mary Jo Cady; Zone Bulletin Editor          Longview, WA.
- Sandy Johnston; Camp Leo - PZC Jack Wittenborn; Diabeties
Education - Jan Norman; Hearing - Tim Johnson; Sight - PZC
Bonnie Williamson; Youth Exchange - PZC Mel Williamson

                                                                         Lion Tim Johnson Receives Melvin
Club                      Zone Chair          Dist. Gov.                          Jones Fellowship
Shelton-Morning Star:                                                  Congratulations to Olympia West’s President Tim
            6:30 p.m.          11/1               12/6                 Johnson on his Melvin Jones Fellowship. Lion Tim is a
Olympia Capitol City:                                                  charter member of Olympia West and has served
            7:00 p.m.          11/13              11/27                faithfully and ably in all offices including seven plus
For planning purposes, please let each Club know in advance
                                                                       years as President. He has also served as Zone C-2
              if you are attending their meeting.
                                                                       Hearing Committee chair. DG Barbara Ellis presented
                                                                       the award during her official visit on October 9. Thank
 District 19-C Secretary Karen Schrodt has a new
                                                                       you Tim for all you do!
 e-mail address. Here it is

                                                 Page 1 – Zone C2 - November 2007
                   CALENDAR                                                     Spring Conference
November 30 – C-2 Zone Meeting, Alpine Way                                         March 7 & 8
     Retirement Apts., Shelton, 6:30 p.m.                                     La Quinta Inn, Tacoma
December 1- District Cabinet Meeting, Dryers Masonic                 Fun Night Activities will be organized by
     Center, 3006 – 134th St. South, Tacoma (Parkland)                               Zone C-2
January 26 – MD-19 Winter Council Meeting
January 29 – Lions Night At The Theater, The Olympia
     Theater, Olympia
February 2 – District Cabinet Meeting, Dryers Masonic
     Hall, Parkland
February 8 – C-2 Zone Meeting                                                         50’s Theme
February 14-17 – Pacific NW Leadership Institute,
    Wenatchee                                                     Think about participating in Contest & Awards at the
March 7-8 – Dist. 19-C Spring Conference,                         Spring Conference. There are many categories to
    La Quinta Inn, Tacoma                                         choose from. Contest & Awards Categories – 5 Minute
May 22-24 – MD-19 Annual Convention, Yakima                       Achievement Award, Club Scrapbook, Musical
Sept. 18 – 20, 2008 – USA/Canada Lions Leadership                 Comedy, Induction Ceremony, Club Folded Brochure,
     Forum, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada                        Club Website, Club Bulletin, Tall Tales, Uniform Parade,
                                                                  Club Business Card and Musical Performance. Each
                                                                  Zone Chairperson has been challenged to have at
                                                                  least two clubs from their Zone participate. Rules for
                                                                  participation can be found in the MD 19 Roster or
                                                                  contact Judy Bergvall at
                                                                  Good Luck!

                                                                   HAPPENINGS AROUND OUR ZONE
                                                                  Tumwater Lions Sell Christmas Trees - Staring
                                                                  December 1 you can find Tumwater Lions selling
                                                                  beautiful Noble, Grand Fir and Douglas Fir trees at the
                                                                  Tumwater Southgate Shopping Mall, Trosper and
                                                                  Capitol Blvd. Trees will be sold between 9 a.m. and 6
                                                                  p.m. every day until the trees are gone.
                                                                  Fuji Apple Sales - All seven C-2 Clubs participated in
                                                                  the Apple Sales Project. 3,000 boxes of apples were
                                                                  Successful OysterFest - Lions were well represented
       DG Barbara Ellis Presents a Very Surprised                 at OysterFest recently held at the Mason County
  IPZC Mary Jo Cady with her Melvin Jones Fellowship              Fairgrounds. The weather was lousy, but the patrons
                                                                  did not seem to care, they were there for the good
                                                                  food and entertainment. Hood Canal Lions offered
                                                                  grilled oysters and curly fries, Shelton Morning Star
                                                                  served superb stuffed mushrooms and Shelton Lions
                                                                  presented Vern’s Clam Chowder. Lots of work but a
                                                                  good time was had by all.
  Club Environmental Info Needed                                  Shelton Lions Meeting Cancellation - The regular
                                                                  meeting scheduled for Tuesday, November 20, has
IPZC Mitzi Ludwig is the Environmental Chairperson for            been canceled due to the Thanksgiving Holiday. Their
DG Barbara Ellis. She is trying to determine how many             next meeting will be on Tuesday, December 4, Alpine
Lions Clubs in our District are practicing some type of           Way Retirement Apts.
environmental program such as recycling, highway                  Third Grade Dictionary Project - The Olympia Host
cleanup, tree planting or others.                                 Lions Club, Olympia West Lions Club and Capital City
                                                                  Lions Club recently gave out dictionaries to 3rd graders
Please let her know if you are involved in any “protect           at seven grade schools in the Olympia School District.
our environment” projects.          Contact Mitzi at              District C Zone 2 - Statistics from Sept. Reports with your information.                    Reports Late - 1; Membership Gain - 2;
                                                                  Clubs Owe MD 19 - $301.68

                                                  Page 2 – Zone C2 - November 2007
                                                                   The campaign goal is to collect at least 775 sets of
Dear Lions:                                                        mittens/gloves and hats. From October 31 through
                                                                   November 30, items can be dropped off 24 hours a
I have a favor to ask. The Breast Cancer site is having            day, seven days a week at Buhl’s Allstate office
trouble getting enough people to click on their site               located at 116 W. Railroad Avenue, Ste. 106 in Shelton
daily to meet their quota of donating at least one free            or at the Shelton branch of Heritage Bank at 301
mammogram a day to an underprivileged woman.                       Wallace-Kneeland Blvd. during normal business hours.
                                                                   Donations of any size are needed and gratefully
It takes less than         a minute to go to their site            accepted. For further information about the 2007
and     click   on         "donating a mammogram"                  “Warm Hands” collection, please call 360-427-5854.
for free (pink              window in the middle). This
doesn't cost you            a thing. Their corporate                                    “WE SERVE”
sponsors/advertisers use the number of daily visits to
donate mammograms in exchange for advertising.

Here's the web site! Pass it along to people you know.                              NW Lions Leadership Institute
                                                                                  February 14 – 17, 2008
                                                                     Wenatchee Convention Center & Coast Wenatchee
Thanks so much.
                                                                                      Center Hotel
IPZC Mary Jo Cady                                                       Application Deadline – December 15, 2007

                                                                   In cooperation with the Leadership Division of Lions
                                                                   Clubs International, eight experienced Lions will present
LIONS HEALTH SCREENING UNIT DEADLINE                               an outstanding curriculum for both new and senior
                                                                   Lions. The purpose of the Lions Leadership Institute is to
The NW Lions Foundation for Sight & Hearing recently               provide Lion leaders with an opportunity to sharpen
sent each club secretary a 2008 Request Form for the               skills for leadership responsibilities at the club, zone and
Lions Health Screening Unit. If your Lions Club would              district levels.
like to sponsor the Lions Health Screening Unit to visit
your area during the calendar year of 2008, please                 The cost of the Institute is $280 U.S. Funds with
complete this form with your preferred dates and                   scholarships (for MD 19 Lions Only) available upon
submit it to the NW Lions Foundation no later than                 acceptance.
November 30, 2007. If you have questions contact
Alex Conn at or 206-                   You can direct your questions to: PDG John Bergvall at
682-8500.                                                          360-491-1800 or by email at

The Lions Health Screening Unit is a great tool for                Leadership Institute brochure, registration form and
making sure schoolchildren and the general public can              scholarship information is available on the MD 19
see and hear.                                                      website,

Shelton Lion Helps Keep Kids Warm                                         Camp Leo’s New Treasurer
Shelton Lions Past President Bob Buhl initiated the                Camp Leo’s Board of Directors has appointed Zone
“Warm Hands” Campaign 7 years ago in an effort to                  Chair Patsy Nutt as Treasurer of Camp Leo. Patsy is a
assist children of Mason County. Hundreds of Mason                 member of the Shelton Lions. Patsy is retired after a 35
County children will be warmer in the cold winter                  year career with Washington State Government; her
weather this year, thanks to the seventh annual “Warm              last job was as Information Technology Manager. She
Hands” program co-sponsored by Bob Buhl of Buhl                    became a Tumwater Lion, and then moved to New
Insurance Services and Michelle Corral of Heritage                 Mexico, Arizona, Yelm and currently Shelton, taking
Bank.                                                              part in Lions activities wherever she traveled.

New mittens, gloves and hats for the children in Mason             Lions can send correspondence or donations for Camp
County are collected and delivered to local                        Leo to Patsy at “Camp Leo for Children with Diabetes”
elementary schools. The schools will distribute them to            or simply Camp Leo, PO Box 72, Shelton, WA 98584.
children in need of these items. Eight local schools are           Her email address is
looking forward to receiving the donated items for their
students this December.

                                                   Page 3 – Zone C2 - November 2007

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