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					While our team specializes in online mlm sponsoring, it is still very important for new
business partners to know how to build their business locally and with people they
know (we call this your warm market). In fact, our day one training for new team
members addresses local and warm market prospecting for several reasons. It's free,
effective, easy to do, and it can generate immediate results if you know how to do it
  The main reason most people avoid working their local or warm market is, they are
not sure what they should say to prospects.
  I have had tremendous results with two scripts you can use to approach local
prospects and friends or family members. Both work equally well with friends and
strangers alike. We teach our team to master both of them by practicing on a friend or
family member before you use them on a lead.
  The main goal of either approach is to get the prospect to ask you for more
information. And this is the point that most people who are new to our industry miss.
They think they have to pitch their opportunity, when really all they need to do is offer
additional information once prospects request it.
  Approach 1. ?I could use your help. I have a business I work from home. We grow
by referral only. Who do you know that might be interested in __________ .?
  You can fill in the blank with one of several options. For example: making additional
income, firing their boss, retiring while they are still young, learning how to eliminate
their phone bill, etc. What I really like is that almost every time I use this approach,
the prospect responds with something like: ?I am. What's it all about??
  Approach 2. I get people to ask me what I do for a living. And it's surprisingly
simple to do. Just start by asking them what they do for a living. Nine times out of ten,
as soon as a prospect tells you what they do, they will follow up by asking what you
do for a living.
  The key point is that once the prospect asks for more information, you have an open
invitation to introduce them to your business. Presenting your opportunity is a topic in
itself and is covered in a separate mlm sponsoring article.
  Learn to master these simple local and warm market approaches. Once you do, you
will be looking for ways to start striking up conversations with friends and complete
strangers alike. You can easily have them asking for more information about your
business. The right approaches make mlm sponsoring easy!
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