; Application of PEX Tubing on Radiant Heating
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Application of PEX Tubing on Radiant Heating


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									There is a constant need for heat in the tiles, bathrooms and floors, especially when it
comes to the cold winter season each year. The use of PEX as a distribution system
for heat all around the house is an invention that has revolutionized the plumbing
industry. Its ability as a pipe, to be used for various house applications has enabled it
to be used all around the house, to distribute hot water and air. Of course, the PEX
pipe has other uses some of which include refrigeration, ice rink installation,
insulation and other purposes. Nevertheless, the PEX pipe is limited to indoor usage
rather than outdoor usage. This is no problem since it is preferred in the indoors to
other types and brands of piping in the market.
 Why use it in heating applications?
 From the time the idea of heat distribution was conceptualized in people’s
imagination, man has been on the lookout for such materials that are adequate enough
to provide this service. On the invention of the PEX, a revolution of this has taken
place, so that it is used adequately for so many heat appliances in the house. The
reason why this commodity is so efficient lies in its chemical composition. A
combination of carbonic compounds of polyethylene makes a strong compound
composition, that gives it its tough status, necessary for the uses it has in heating. It
also happens to be flexible, compatible and has quite a lifespan compared to all the
other materials.
 Being resistant to corrosion and lacks such vices as rust, the compound has been
made in such a way that it can withstand such heavy doses of chlorine, which can be
found in piped water. Having had undergone some heating and pressure tests, the
compound is usually tolerant, it contains high amounts of stress ability and its
durability suppress many of its counterparts.
 Its use as a radiant heat applicant
 With a good combination and distribution system of the floor piping through PEX
pipes, the material can comfortably handle temperatures ranging from 80 to 160
degrees Fahrenheit. This it does without necessarily overheating some areas over the
other. It is used in most types of floors, from marble, to wooden and even in large
rooms that have it as the heat distribution pipe work. The heat generation technique of
the pipe is an interesting one. It will distribute heat equally from the lower part of the
room, adjacent to the floor and work its way into heating the whole room.
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