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									Apple needs competition! As it stands (without any "real" competition) Apple will
continue to practice their dirty business techniques and hold back features that
consumers want/need in their products knowing that people will buy them anyway &
then offer those features next year as "new upgrades". What am I talking about? The
camera taking 0.7 megapixel still shots for starters. This is absolutely unacceptable for
2010! I know that the iPod Touch 4th Generation camera isn't meant to be a
replacement for your digital camera, but at 0.7 megapixels, it's pretty pointless if you
ask me. (I think they just took the old cameras out of the older iPod Nano's and used
them). The more I think of it, the camera upgrades in the new iPod touch are the
cameras that should have been introduced last year in the iPod Touch 3rd Generation
iPod Touch 4th Generation. There is no reason why Apple could not have put in the
same 5 megapixel camera w/ LED flash as they did in the iPhone 4. The only reason
they didn't, to save this feature for next years "upgrade". Oh, yeah & perhaps because
they chose to make the iPod touch 0.07" slimmer than before too, because everyone
was complaining about how "thick" the iPod touch was, right? I'm sure if
  Apple would have introduced the new iiPod Touch 4th Generation as being as thick
as say the iPhone 4 with the better camera fitting inside, nobody would have been
complaining that it's too thick. Second, enough of the glossy metal backs Apple. We're
tired of the scratch prone backs, it's getting old. Sure, there are tons of cases out there,
but again, if you would have made the new iPod touch follow the design of the new
iPhone 4, we wouldn't need to worry about that highly scratch prone backside. Of
course come next years iPod touch update/refresh, we'll see this new design being
implemented & you'll see/hear Apple say... we have a brand new design.. completely
changing it's looks..etc. Next issue, why still offer the 8GB, 32GB & 64GB models?
That's 3 straight years now! Oh yeah, because Apple doesn't have any real
competition in the iPod market to rival this, so they just keep it here until they "have
to" upgrade it to 32GB, 64GB & 128GB. Pricing for flash memory of these sizes
would not have significantly increase Apples costs, they could have done it if they
wanted to. But didn't. Way to think first for your mass amount of consumers Apple.Of
course, the new iPod touch does have some good new additions that are welcoming
(thus the reason for 2 stars, not just one). Upgraded to the new "retina" display, nice
touch. No complaints there.
  The cheap little front camera for Face Time, again, cool, nice touch. However, this is
just as beneficial to Apple as it is to the consumers. Apple would love for consumers
to use their video chat, "Face Time", and get more and more people using their
products to be able to communicate with their peers. Think about it, iPhone 4 users
using Face Time with iPod touch users, and soon the iPad 2 will have cameras, thus
Face Time with those users.. and by then, I'm sure Apple will allow Face Time to
work with their laptops & iMacs too. How perfect for Apple.. all of their products will
offer Face Time. It's an old strategy, but it'll work. It'll sucker users into their little
game, even though iChat has been around, the typical consumer is brainwashed by
Apples buzzwords and marketing tactics.
  Finally, and I'm almost ashamed to admit this, this review is coming from an Apple
user/fan. I love Apple. I love their products. But I do NOT like the little game they
play with consumers. Holding back features now, just to introduce them later for their
next generations. This is dirty business. But without any real competition, it's what
they can afford to do, knowing that people will buy their products anyway. I for one,
have held back for years buying an iPod Touch 4th Generation. First it was because
they were not offering enough storage, then because there wasn't a camera, now (well,
there's sort of a camera) but still, it's just not offering all that it should. I do not/will
not buy any product or service that lacks features I want! That's the power of being
the consumer. And trust me, I won't cave. When I feel that the iPod touch offers all the
features I want & if I still see value in that product, I'll buy. Perhaps next year.
Perhaps. But I'm sure they'll do some similar type of holding back on a feature (it
wouldn't surprise me). Time will tell. Of course if consumers exercised their powers
& chose not to buy into Apple's little game, it would force Apple to make/offer better
products for their consumers. But that's just asking for way too much from the
average consumer. They'll buy just about anything Apple offers and then re-buy it the
next year.. and then the next year.. etc. Sad.
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