Apple iPod Touch 3rd Generation 8GB Review

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					iPod touch 3rd User Review
  ok i don't write specs just reviews after using an item. and i had the iPod Touch 3rd
Generation, bought this one and compared, and my test show a few things you should
know. first and most important this iPod Touch 3rd Generation sounds better then the
iPod Touch 3rd Generation. this iPod Touch 3rd Generation has so many features but
to me this is the most important thing. i compared some of my music and the test
showed me, wow this new one has a fuller richer sound and and overall better sound
then the last. and for me as soon as i heard that i was sold. and my iPod Touch 3rd
Generation will be sold. now the new retina display blows away the clarity, and
sharpness of the iPod Touch 3rd Generation
  the new built in speaker sounds better, again more musical then theiPod Touch 3rd
Generation, apps and other wifif things open quicker, and the colors (this is due to the
new display) are richer and more colorful. the few down sides is apple cheaped out
and didn't include remote earphones this time. but there is a built in mic. and i still
can't believe that we cant go from listening to a song, then watch a video, and go back
to the same damn song, is this so hard to make happen apple! jesus. anyways besides
that, owe and the fact that they basically in ios 4.0 up to this 4.1 have killed the eq
feature. by this i mean we have really no choise but to turn the eq off, for the reason
that if on it drops the volume down on every setting, and sound better off, so off it
stays. but besides these last 2 thing i wrote, this iPod Touch 3rd Generation is by far
the best sounding ipod touch available today. hey check it out fo yourself, buy it try it
if you dont like it return it, but if your on the fence and wondering if the original
purpose of the iPod Touch 3rd Generation has improved. to me an avid listener and
lover of all kinds of music, thisiPod Touch 3rd Generationsounds the BEST!
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