Media Release – 15 October 2009

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					Media Release – 15th October 2009
                   EasyInsites and Bounty Get in the Family Way
       To create the UK’s largest, fully profiled young family consumer panel

Guildford, 15th October 2009: EasyInsites, a new full service online research agency today
announces a partnership with Bounty, the UK’s Favourite parenting club that involves
building a new and extended young family panel and acting as the new full service agency
responsible for Bounty’s own bi-monthly research.

The new family panel will be the largest, fully profiled, globally accessible panel and will be built
and maintained on the EasyExchange platform (also known as the Cint Panel Exchange) where
researchers can have direct access to panelists for their own research projects.

The panel will comprise 30,000 consumers, representative of young families from those in the
first trimester of pregnancy through to those whose youngest child is aged 4. The new,
expanded profiling will include deeper and more relevant measures, such as on- and offline
media consumption and engagement with brands in key categories relevant to this audience,
including retail, automotive and financial services.

EasyInsites will provide sample access to this panel with or without other research services, or
sample buyers can go directly to the Exchange platform by establishing an account with Cint AB
who manages the Exchange. The new panel will be live and accessible by the start of 2010.

Bounty Parenting Club, provides information, support and products for young families and has
over 2.5 million members with over 50,000 new or prospective parents joining every month.

Bounty: Vicki Kateley - Research Manager, Bounty: “When you become a parent there’s no
doubt you are embarking on the spending spree of a lifetime! Parents and parents-to-be
experience an explosion of new needs and priorities change. For brands there are critical
windows of opportunity representing points of market entry and points of market change when
consumers are evaluating and reassessing their loyalties and brand repertoires across a vast
range categories. The greater breadth and innovative functionality of our new panel will be
instrumental in enhancing and enriching Bounty’s consumer insight and identifying the critical
moments in time that ensure Bounty and our brand partners continue to support young
families in the most timely and appropriate way.

EasyInsites: Charles Pearson - Co-Founder and Managing Director, EasyInsites: “Bounty could
not be a more perfect fit with the EasyInsites business model, this includes building and
maintaining custom panels owned by our clients where we actively manage their panel and
help them utilise it in a variety of innovative ways for their own research purposes as well as
promote their panel more broadly to the research community. Bounty’s panel will be unique
and in high demand.”
Cint: Richard Thornton – Managing Director, Cint UK: “Cint is delighted with the
announcement made today that EasyInsites and Bounty are partnering to bring the prestigious
Bounty panel into the Cint Panel Exchange. This further endorses our innovative and industry
leading technology and adds another highly credible sample source for buyers of quality sample
using our marketplace. The Bounty brand speaks for itself and is the currency for engaging with
Mothers in the UK. We now look forward to working with both EasyInsites and Bounty in
developing the panel and ensuring its potential is maximized.”

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About EasyInsites

EasyInsites is a new full service online research agency focused on offering clients a range of
innovative research tools to meet their research needs and to allow them to conduct more
research at a lower cost. One of our key products is EasyPanel, our custom panel product with
which clients can easily conduct research on their customers, employees and markets. Our
EasyExchange platform is at the heart of our EasyPanel product offering with its main feature
the opportunity for clients to monetise their panelists by making their panel “open” to other
researchers, with all appropriate restrictions and limitations set by our client as the panel
owner. In addition, EasyInsites has introduced a full range of innovative online research
products to ensure that our clients derive maximum value and insight from their custom panel.
Even without a custom panel, clients can turn to EasyInsites for their online research needs,
since we offer a full range of easier, more automated and cost efficient yet innovative research
tools including EasyVideo – a webcam based interviewing platform; EasyQual – for online
bulletin boards and focus groups; and EasyMobile – the fastest and most convenient method
for collecting brief polls. For more information, visit us at

For enquiries, please contact:

Charles M. Pearson
Managing Director
Direct: +44(0) 1483 549 418
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About Bounty

Bounty ( is the UK’s favourite parenting club, providing information, support and
products for young families throughout the four key-life stages: pre-birth, birth, toddlers and pre-school.

With 2.5 million members and over 50,000 new members joining every month, Bounty has
approximately 96% market coverage of the estimated 800,000 annual births in the UK. is the UK’s favourite parenting website and the largest online meeting point for mums
in the UK with over 12 million impressions each month, 750,000 opted-in members and a further 28,000
new members joining each month

For enquiries, please contact:

Lisa Penney
Head of PR
Tel: 01707 294 063

About Cint

Cint is a software company that produces and sells market leading, innovative online research
products for businesses and organizations involved in market research. The company
specializes in SaaS, web-based software offering efficient, user friendly online sample
management and access, as well as online panel management products that are accessible
worldwide 24/7. Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Cint has offices across Europe and the
USA. Cint’s rapid growth is due to Cint Panel Exchange which was launched in 2004. The
platform is the only open marketplace for conducting online research where panel owners and
sample buyers can buy and sell access to 10,000’s of individuals every day. All users of the
platform work in a controlled environment for conducting high quality online research that
often exceeds industry guidelines. Today you can access over 2 million panelists in more than
30 countries direct from your computer. The company has an extensive list of clients and
partners spanning most of the large market research groups, the main panel providers, media
and web-based companies, branding, PR and advertising agencies, plus medium and small
market research agencies, and other software companies that provide services to the market
research industry.

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