Anxiety Natural Remedies- Breathing and Relaxation by gyvwpgjmtx


									Anxiety Natural Remedies: Breathing and Relaxation The condition of anxiety thrives
on shallow breathing, so a major weapon we have in combating anxiety through
natural anxiety treatment is simply to learn and develop deep breathing, which
actually relaxes our whole system. Proper deep breathing is a method that uses the
whole length, width and depth of the diaphragm, letting this large, long and wide
muscle relax so it allows the breath to reach its full potential. Deep breathing in this
case does not mean taking rapid deep breaths that in the end exhaust us, it is a means
to relax and fill us with a calm yet vital energy. Anxiety Natural Remedies:
Psycho-Physical Exercise The condition of anxiety also thrives on an overload of
mental energy, disorganised and scattered, fearful thinking, the rest of our being just
the recipient of these negative thought patterns which transform into psycho-somatic
manifestations, ie physical discomfort and even illness. So, in order to combat this
'takeover' of the body and its energy by the mind and stop perpetuating the anxiety
condition, we can start using the body and our vital energy for natural anxiety relief to
bring equilibrium to our being. Don't worry, this is really very simple!
Psycho-physical exercises simply involve body movement and deep breathing. In
Yoga and Tai Chi, for example, the movements are synchronised with the breath,
while in 'Shaking and Breathing' they are less so, but are still equally important.
Anxiety Natural Remedies: Counselling The condition of anxiety also thrives on
scattered thinking and confusion, where we lose our natural ability to see ourselves
and our situation clearly. So, being able to put it all out into words with someone who
is outside the situation and not judgmental, we start to see what is relevant and what is
not, we begin to sort out the root cause of a problem. And, of course, we get feedback,
which is invaluable as an anxiety state tends to blind us to reality, of ourselves and of
others. Moreover, the simple fact of sharing one's problems and difficulties can itself
be enormously reassuring because we feel we are no longer alone with our fear.
Anxiety Natural Remedies: Hypnosis and Self-Hypnosis: positive re-programming of
your mind The condition of anxiety is one of repetitive negative imagination where
one fears and even believes in the worst outcome. So, our negative thoughts and
beliefs will certainly tend to create negative results, but powerful help is at hand
through techniques of re-programming our mind with life-affirming, positive thoughts
and beliefs, especially about ourselves. For the amazing truth is that our fundamental
beliefs and values determine, to a very large degree, the quality of our lives. We can
begin to change ourselves from within by listening to positive thoughts, which are
absorbed by our subconscious mind. This may be achieved through either an outside
source, eg a specialist CD program, or even through 'hypnotising' ourselves! Here are
below just a few anxiety cures, most of which I have tried and found to be extremely
effective: How to get rid of headaches, anxiety and panic attacks, How to relax and
sleep like a baby, How to overcome depression, etc. Such anxiety natural remedies
can produce astonishingly effective results, so my advice would be not to
procrastinate if you feel attracted to any of them. And of course, we can also use such
anxiety natural remedies in conjunction with any other therapeutic program we might
be involved in.

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