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					If your relationships aren't going so well, then take out your journal and starting
contemplating your feelings in written form.In the movie, Butch Cassidy and the
Sundance Kid, Harvey challenges Butch for leadership of the Hole-in-the-Wall Gang.
  The only solution (short of mind-reading, which, for some reason, may people think
we're capable of doing) is to what I refer to as "appropriate questioning," as much art
as science.While driving, we rely on a set of assumptions. We assume that other
drivers will act responsibly as they drive. We assume other drivers will follow the
laws regarding passing,
  It is very hard to be jovial when angry. When our adrenal glands are pumping
adrenalin into our bloodstream, our digestive system shuts down and so does our
sense of humor.Anyone with children knows how hard it can be raising kids. Our
frustration tolerance is constantly challenged every day.
  Normally it is thought that the target of someone's anger, in the case of the target
being a person, is the one who will suffer.A momentary and present time expression
of anger triggered by an event is the most pure form. Even though there are plenty of
other ways to express pain, anger has an important and very specific quality.
  Of the many things that affect your daily routine, your attitude towards yourself and
your environment is what most shapes how your day goes. It is important to
remember that although the intention of helping someone is positive, if the person
receiving that intent does not want the help, she will feel pressured,
  Throughout human history, it has been shown over and over again that humans do
not do anything without a reason behind it. Before we can make any changes to our
behaviours, whether we are submissive, aggressive, passive-aggressive behaviour or
even violence,
  Many perspective students are somewhat apprehensive before attending their first
anger management class. They imagine biker chicks and gang members as they chain
smoke in a dark room. ANGER means annoyance,rage,irritation and a lot more but
basically it is an emotion which every human soul have. Anger is one thing and to be
angry is totally different.
  Our society has not changed much when it comes to "survival of the fittest". People
still act as if they have to "eat or be eaten". The culture that we live in has developed
and grown over many centuries, however when it comes to anger, we are still at times
acting as our forefathers did many years ago.

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