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									Richard Postles

Curriculum Vitae
Contact Details
Name:               Richard Postles
Address:            Birches Rd
                    New Zealand

Home Phone:         64 3 3252892
Mobile:             64 21 625877
Fax:                (001)(773) 9131995


Programme           Company              Year      Role           Genre
The Sopalanos       Satellite Media      2004      Camera         Comedy – TV
                                                   Assistant      Pilot
Briscoes TVCs       Advertising          2004      Camera         Advertisements
                    Works                          Assistant
Queer Nation        Livingstone          2004      DV Camera      TV Series
                    Productions                    Operator
Horse and Dog       TAB - NZRB           2003/04   Camera         TV Live Sport
Racing -                                           Operator
Rugby               Sky Sport            2003      Steadicam      TV Live Sport
Sniffing for Life   NZBS                 2003      Director and   Documentary
Facing the          NZBS                 2003      Director and   Documentary
Reality                                            Camera
51% Kiwi            NZBS                 2003      Editor         Documentary
And the Brat        NZBS                 2003      Camera         Documentary
goes on                                            Operator
Methven Big         Ace Video            2003      Camera         Big Screen for
Air                 Services                       Operator       Event

I am an active and enthusiastic person who is passionate about television and the
outdoors. I was born and bred in Lincoln, near Christchurch, and brought up on a 5-
acre hobby farm. I attended Lincoln High School, and was heavily involved in
performing arts and in the later years through my outdoor knowledge became
involved in outdoor education. I have also completed a course on theatre lighting. I
have spent the last 2 years at New Zealand Broadcasting School studying for a
Bachelor of Broadcasting Communications majoring in Television Production. I
have learnt the basics in many facets of the industry but have focused on editing,
sound, camera and technical manager (TD).

Career Objectives
My main interests in the television industry are Camera and Technical Manager (TD).

I have enjoyed my time at Broadcasting School and wish to further my career in the
Television industry. I am most interested in becoming involved in Current Affairs
Television or Adventure Television. I prefer to be involved with camera work but also
am interested in the technical side, such as Technical Manager (TD) and Live Outside
Broadcasts. I am willing to travel. I want to work in an industry where there are always
new challenges, where I can meet new people and work constructively even when
sometimes under pressure.

Relevant Experience
-Media Safety Helicopter Course 2003
-First Aid Certificate 2001
-Lighting Designer and Operator for “Bugsy Malone” School Play 2001
-Peer Support Leadership Course 2001
-STAR Course – Aoraki Polytechnic – Theatre, Film and Television 2001
-Organisation of CSA Snowphone
-Smokefree Stage Challenge Lighting 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000
-Defensive Driving Course 2000
-School Trip to China for Language and Culture experience 2000
-Outdoor Leadership Training Course 2000
-Student Sound Technician 1999
-R.G. Overton Cup for Junior Service 1998


New Zealand Broadcasting School
Christchurch, New Zealand
Studying for: BBc - Bachelor of Broadcasting Communications majoring in Television

Lincoln High School 1997-2001
Christchurch, New Zealand
-University Entrance 2001
-Sixth Form Certificate 2000
-School Certificate 1999

Work Experience
- Work Experience at TVNZ News (Christchurch and Auckland)
- Work Experience at TV3 News (Christchurch)
- Work Experience at Christchurch Town Hall and Westpac Stadium

Skill Summary
Non-Technical Skills:       I can work well individually, or in a group, either as a
leader or as a member of the group. I am a mature and reliable person and I realise the
importance of a professional attitude in the television industry. I am self-motivated and
understand that there is always something more to learn.

Computer Skills:         I can work both Windows and Macintosh operating systems
and have a good knowledge of Microsoft Office Applications. I can touch type.

Technical Skills: -Technical Manager (TD) for NZBS News
                  -DVCPro Camera and Sony PD150
                  -VT Operation
                  -Final Cut Pro
                  -Lighting Boards (Scenemaster 3F)
                  -Studio Sound (16 Track) and Field Sound (3 Track)


Chinese - in Mandarin could “take part in general conversation with native speakers,
understanding most of what is said and contributing relevant comments”

Since before High School I have been tramping in the outdoors with the Peninsula
Tramping Club. Through this experience I have gained mountain skills and now own a
lot of gear (ice axe, crampons, packs, winter clothing and skis). In the past 4 years I
have also become a keen skier and have spent a lot of time involved in that industry. In
my spare time when not in the mountains, I enjoy being out on the water, water skiing.
I am a passionate outdoor person.

Paul Barclay
Acting National Manager, Rehabilitation Services for the Royal New Zealand
Foundation of the Blind.
Office:             64 3 3754313
Mobile:             64 21 666515

Mike Fitzgerald
Office:           64 3 9618599

Character Reference
Shane King
Mobile:            64 21 2613488

Anne Williams
Tutor at New Zealand Broadcasting School. Anne would be pleased to discuss any
aspects of this Curriculum Vitae.
Office:              64 3 9408222
Mobile:              64 21 961500

Michelanne Forster
Tutor at New Zealand Broadcasting School.
Office:            64 3 9408502


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