Aluminum Billet Parts are the Breast Implants of Automotive Bling

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					When Sarah Silverman said "People say 'Pamela Anderson's nothing without her tits!'
And that's not true! That is 'not' true!... She'd be Paris Hilton" at the Comedy Central
Roast of Pamela Anderson she might as have been talking about a car without
premium aluminum billet parts. A regular vehicle like Paris Hilton falls flat on quality
visual flair. After adding a little bling to your vehicle heads will start turning instantly
from the bright light reflecting off your aluminum finish like Pamela Anderson
running down the beach in a red swimsuit you will realize why aluminum billet parts
are the breast implants of car cosmetics.
  Aluminum billet parts like silicon breast implants come in variety of sizes and are
always better than the default parts shipped out from the factory. Factory parts are
typically boring and painted to match the paint job. Billet enhancements for your door
handles, windshield wiper arms, dome lights, and other bystander visible car body
parts show people that you have more than just good taste in motor vehicles, but
money to blow on making them look good. Paris Hilton might be a descent looking
object like an awesome car strait from the factory, but so was Pamela Anderson until
she put a little money down on custom upgrades. With big silicon breast implants
Pamela set herself apart from the Baywatch babe pack with a look that men will
remember forever making her a woman known for quality parts instead of a would be
Paris if she had no money.
  Overall its clear that nothing is as good as it could be when shipped strait from the
factory. Whether its a celebrity centerfold or a pickup truck modern marvels exist to
make them better. Give your vehicle the a boob job an upgrade to match a lifetime
with aftermarket Billet Parts from and make your car turn heads
like Pamela running in slow motion.

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